Coming Soon Rana Mansour's New Song "Mordab Tanhai"

January 8, 2018

Rana Mansour's latest single entitled "Mordab Tanhai" is yet another reminder of how she is simply different from all the rest. Dubbed by her fans as "Khanoome Seda", the extent of her vocal range mixed with her unmatched musicianship and piano performance (alongside reputable songwriter/arranger Mehrdad Ghalandari and lyricist Davood Rahmatollahi) leaves the audience speechless and wanting for more. There's much to say about this incredibly talented artist, but we will just leave you with this: the music speaks for itself.

2018 is the year of Rana, as she's due to release many songs and videos by the end of the year, as promised to her loyal and unwavering fanbase. Follow her on social media for updates! Facebook/Instagram: @ranamansourmusic