About Us

Radio Javan, Inc is a Persian music streaming service launched in 2004. It was founded initially as an online radio station. Now Radio Javan has grown to have millions of worldwide users with access to songs, music videos, podcasts, playlists, and more.

Radio Javan has tens of thousands of Persian recorded songs on its platform from record labels, independent artists, and its own record label production company (RJ Label). The Radio Javan app is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac platforms and offers features such as offline listening, lyrics, playlists, user-submitted stories, and much more.

From its start, Radio Javan's mission has been to promote and help invest in the Persian music industry. Over the last decade with Radio Javan's support in improving Persian music and making it easily available, the number of Persian artists have grown from only tens of popular artists to now more than hundreds of recognizable names.

Radio Javan also has its RJTV service that broadcasts 24/7 music videos and entertainment programs. It is available over satellite in the Middle East and Europe and also streams online worldwide.

Radio Javan also hosts events and concerts globally in places such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Toronto, London, Istanbul, Stockholm, Dubai, and many more.

Radio Javan, Inc is incorporated in Arlington, Virginia USA.


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