Reza Rohani & Alireza Saremi "Mara Ahdist ba Shadi" Coming Soon

December 6, 2017

Reza Rohani has once again teamed up with the winner of this year's Manoto Stage talent show, Alireza Saremi on a song titled "Mara Ahdist ba Shadi". The maestro pianist and composer has had a lot of success in presenting a series of hit singles that feature various talented voices. Examples of that include but are not limited to; "Ba To Ama Mishe Tan Dad" with Sara Naeini, and "Naghshe Digar" with Hamed Nikpay.

Alireza Saremi competed at the Stage battleground as part of Mr. Rohani's team and was able to conquer the first spot. "Mara Ahdist ba Shadi" features nostalgic poetry by Rumi (Mowlana) accompanied by Rohani's beautiful music and Saremi's powerful vocals. This is a pop-classical song that surely hints to the more classical and academic musical direction the duo intend to travel in their journey forward.

Stay tuned for the exclucive premiere of this track Friday, December 8th on RJ!