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Hamed Nikpay's New Song & Video "Saaghi Saaghi" Coming Soon

September 8, 2017

Hamed Nikpay will be returning for his brand new song and music video "Saaghi Saaghi", brought to you by Radio Javan! This will be Hamed's first single since his release of "To Nisti" last year. "Saaghi Saaghi" is a beautiful song that we're sure fans of Hamed Nikpay will be excited to listen to. The song will first be premiered on Sunday, September 10th on RJ, and following that the music video will be exclusively unveiled on Wednesday, September 13th!

Nikpay himself describes the project:

"Facing the agonizing drudgeries of my personal life in 2015, the melody for this song came to me in a shooting session in Dubai, as the photographer told me to look casual while whispering any song that came to my mind. My feelings at the time, became the source of inspiration for this song, as I hummed the melody that gave birth to a new song.  A few years later, by participating in the Production of Stage 1, & Stage 2, in London,  I became intimately familiar with the fervent talent and musical artistry of my fellow judge, guitarist Babak Saeedi on that show, which motivated me to collaborate with him and asked him to arrange and produce this song."

Stay tuned for Hamed Nikpay's newest project "Saaghi Saaghi" on RJ!

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