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World Premiere of Alireza JJ & Sijal's Video "Az Oonayi"

September 7, 2017

Radio Javan is excited to announce the upcoming new music video for Alireza JJ & Sijal's mega-hit song "Az Oonayi"! This track, which was released earlier this summer with Nassim and Alex Asli, has been a fan-favorite over the last few months. The music video for it was filmed in the span of two weeks by directors Peyman Soheili and Hafez Safavi on location in both Toronto and Paris. We don't want to give away much about the video, but rest assured it is a captive project that promises to be one of the group's best music videos.

Be the first to watch the exclusive premiere of "Az Oonayi" on Friday, September 15th only on Radio Javan!

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