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World Premiere of Behzad Leito's Music Video "Mese Khoete" Coming Soon

June 17, 2017

Radio Javan is excited to announce to you Behzad Leito's highly anticipated music video "Mese Khoete"! This trap-style hip hop track has been one of Behzad's best hits so far and is one of this summer's most popular tracks on RJ. The music video was filmed on location in Toronto by directors Hafez Safavi and Peyman Soheili. It was shot over a few days with many different locations and actors and brings out the energetic and true hip hop vibe of the song. 

Stay tuned to Radio Java and catch the world premiere of Behzad Leito's music video 'Mese Khoete" on Tuesday, June 27th!


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