Sohrab MJ's Upcoming Album "Yek Sin" Coming Soon

April 25, 2017

Radio Javan is proud to announce the first single from Sohrab MJ's upcoming album! Known to be one of the best and most-respected Persian rappers, Sohrab is in the studio recording on his first solo album. You've most recently heard Sohrab in collaborations with other Zedbazi members including Mehrad Hidden's album, Bozorg project, and Alireza JJ & Sijal's PSVBN2 album. And now Sohrab is working with Alireza JJ, who will be producing the tracks in "Yek Sin" album!

The first single from the album is "Layla" was recently recently on Radio Javan. Stay tuned this summer for the exclusive release of Sohrab MJ's album and more news!