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Sami Beigi's New Video & Song 'HMG' Coming Soon

August 3, 2013

Radio Javan is very proud to present to you Sami Beigi's new music video for his upcoming yet-to-be-released track "HMG" (Hamahange)! It's an upbeat dance track for this summer that's sure to get you moving. Sami has written the lyrics and music himself with arrangement from Andy G.

This will be Sami's first song of the year, since last year's hits "Fogholade" and "Boro 2.0", which are also from Sami's company EMA as is "HMG". And of course "Ey Joonam" still remains one of the top songs ever of all time on Radio Javan.

The video for "HMG" is another collaboration with talented director Ali Zamani, whose worked with Sami before, and is produced by Radio Javan. Stay tuned for the exclusive world premiere of Sami Beigi's new video and song "HMG" coming to you Thursday, August 15th!

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