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Upcoming New Music Video 'Shabihe Eshgh' By Kasra Ahmadi

September 14, 2012

Kasra Ahmadi's long awaited new single is finally ready to be released! As a former member of the Googoosh Music Academy, Kasra put out his first song a year ago with the song "Sade Begam". It went on to become a mega-hit music video with over a million views on Radio Javan and one of our most popular music videos.

For his new song "Shabihe Eshgh", Kasra is teaming up with Raha Etemadi who has written the great lyrics for this song and with Babak Saeedi who has created an amazing composition and arrangement.

We're excited to premiere Kasra's new music video soon... stay tuned!

Update: Kasra's video will premiere exclusively on RJ on Thursday, November 29th!

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