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TAKiN Releases 'VKM' Under Maloos Music Records

September 8, 2012

Release: Sep 8 2012
Label: Maloos Music
Genre: Tech, Tribal, House

VKM, that stands for "Vay Khodaye Man" (OMG) is the latest release from TAKiN who is widely also known as DJ TAKiN.  in tune with his other releases, TAKiN continues to exhibit and promote traditional Persian sounds to the non-Iranian international communities.  VKM comes in 3 versions: Original, Tribal, and a W.E.T. Project Remix.

This song is a remarkable composition of old Persian sounds soulfully mixed with contemporary sounds commonly heard in underground nightclubs and parties around the globe.  After the outstanding success of the song "Persian Circus", TAKiN and EHSAN "Dr. Tar" embarked on  this second collaboration of the two Toronto based artists.  Ehsan "Dr. Tar", not only is responsible for the Tar in VKM, but is also the heavenly voice that chah-chah's (sings) to the Gods above.

A more Tech-House version of VKM is presented as the W.E.T. Project ReMix, that has actually been receiving much of play time in the Underground night club scenes.

Last but not least, what seems to be the most popular of the three versions, we must also mention the rhythmic percussion by DJ PS that you hear in the Tribal version of VKM.  This version has been getting much support from international DJ/Producers such as Cee Cee Cox, Mike Gibbs, George Loukas, Tripzone, DJ TT, Jebb Webb, Wes Bonaventure, Dick Diamonds, and many many more.  The Tribal version has also seen lots of radio air-time as it has been widely supported by CHIN 100.7FM Radio Toronto, and the 96.2 Voice of Iran Toronto station that has been supporting TAKiN's releases for many years.  Last but not least, we must mention a very LOUD THANK YOU to the Radio Javan Staff and fans for your unconditional love and support of all our previous and current releases. 

We ask you to please show your love and support by purchasing these songs from Beatport and helping the artists continue what they do best: producing great music.

1.  VKM (Original Mix)
2.  VKM (TAKiN's Tribal Mix)
3.  VKM (W.E.T Project Remix)


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