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Farhad's Tenth Year Anniversary Of Passing Away

August 31, 2012

It seems like every year we lose one of our favorite singers. The recent passing of Toofan is yet another reminder that even our stars are not invincible. Every once in a while, we reach the anniversary of the passing of a star, which reminds us of all of the great memories we had with that singer along with our precise location when we first heard the news of the singer’s passing.

Believe it or not, we have reached the ten-year anniversary of Farhad’s passing. Recently, we began our journey into the history of Persian music with the launch of the Yadegari blog. In one of my favorite posts, I provided a brief history of Farhad’s life and career, which can be read here. Today, I do not wish to repeat this information. On the contrary, I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the life of one of the most influential performers ever.

After ten years, we should no longer be saddened by the fact that we lost a legend at such a young age. Rather, we should strive to keep his legend alive so that future generations that have not been exposed to Farhad can experience one of the most respected performers of all time. Every year, I remember Farhad during Norooz. Many Norooz songs have been released in the past but Farhad’s ‘Koodakaneh’ continues to be my most favorite one. It was one of his many memorable songs and it is one of his songs that I will repeatedly listen to today. My only hope is that you, the Radio Javan fans, will also remember Farhad on this special day.

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