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Yadegari - 'Koodakaneh' by Farhad

March 11, 2012
Yadegari - 'Koodakaneh' by Farhad

With only a little over a week until Norooz, this week’s Yadegari is dedicated to my favorite Norooz song, ‘Koodakaneh’ by Farhad.

Farhad, born in 1944, showed interest in music at a very young age but he started learning the guitar after dropping out of high school. In 1967, he joined the Black Cats, which also included the talents of Shahbal Shabpareh, Shahram Shabpareh, and Shamaizadeh among others. He gained a lot of fans during this time but he eventually left the band to take care of his sister who was ill. In 1969, Farhad released 'Marde Tanha' which helped increase his popularity even further. After the Revolution, he was not able to release any music. In 1993, he released his first album in 15 years, ‘Khab Dar Bidari’, which was huge success. In 2002, he passed away from Hepatitis C in Paris, France.

Farhad’s incredible voice is still recognized today. During his career, he had a number of chart topping hits, with ‘Koodakaneh’ being one of his most popular hits. This song is played every year around the countdown as friends and families join to celebrate the new year.

You can watch a live performance of ‘Koodakaneh’ below and you can download the full song here. I wish you a happy and prosperous Norooz! Haroozetoon Norooz, Noroozetoon Pirooz!


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