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Legendary Goalkeeper Nasser Hejazi Dies

May 23, 2011

Legendary Iranian goalkeeper and football coach Nasser Hejazi اسطوره فوتبال has passed away after year and a half of battling with lung cancer at the age of 62 at Kasra hospital in Tehran. The Iranian legend went into a coma on Friday and died on Monday. 

Hejazi had a brilliant record of playing: Twice Asian champion with Iran's national soccer team, the first Iranian goalkeeper to play in the World Cup and a heroic performance for the Iranian national squad at the World Cup 1978 in Argentina, ranked by AFC as 2nd best goalkeeper of the century in Asia, and 131st best goalkeeper in the world for keeping clean sheet for his national team for 5 months or a record 837 minutes.

Hejazi was beloved by All Iranians, he always stood up for his fellow countrymen and spoke against injustice toward them even until last days of his life, he will be truly missed, Rest In Peace Nasser, We will Never forget you. 

روحش شاد و یادش گرامی باد


Sources: PressTVBBCPersian

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