Googoosh Music Acadamy Talk With Raha Etemadi

July 28, 2010
Googoosh Music Acadamy Talk With Raha Etemadi
Radio Javan sat down with Raha Etemadi from Manoto TV to talk to him about the upcoming Googoosh Music Academy.

1) Tell us about yourself, and how you got involved with Googoosh Music Academy?

This project started with a phone call from London to Stockholm. Having had a background within production ( and music (songwriting) this project was more or less assigned to me by Kayvan Abbassi CEO of Manoto TV.

2) What kind of show is Googoosh Music Academy?

An entertaining show... It's a Persian talent show which the one and only Googoosh and her team of experts will be starring in. They will be working with talented unknown singers who will compete to be the best, voted for by the public.

3) What kind of contestants are you looking for?

Talented, ambitious, Persian speaking, singers...

4) When and where will the show be filmed?

The first stage of the recording will be in London starting of at the end of August and finishing up in mid-September. The second stage will be during the whole month of November.

5) How do you apply?

The whole application process is online, this way all Persian speaking talents will have the opportunity to send in their video/application form without having to travel in order to audition. You can email [email protected] and find more information at

6) What is Googoosh like?

Just as nice as her smile.

7) What role will Googoosh play in the show and how much time will the contestants get to spend with Googoosh?

The role of a tutor, who will help, rather than judge, the contestants in order to reach their goal. The idea of the show is not only for the audience to vote for their favorite, but also to teach these talents how to best reach their highest potential. Each contestant will have a great amount of time spend with Googoosh and her fellow colleagues.

8) How does your show compare against a show like X Factor?

Although similar to X factor in the sense that the public votes for the person they want to win, we will be celebrating Persian talent and not ridiculing the lesser talented people in our community.

9) What are the challenges of Persian music artists?

Being in exile, not having any type of structure within the industry, lack of experienced music producers who are able to invest their time and money in new talented singers.

10) How could this opportunity help the contestants?

It will introduce them to the Iranian audience, it gives them a kick start to their career, as well as prize money to help develop their talent. Not to forget that they learn from the best Iranian artist music has to offer.