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Radio Javan Launches MP3 Music Store

March 12, 2008
Radio Javan Launches MP3 Music Store
We're excited as we have just launched the first legal Persian MP3 music store! No need to download illegal mp3s in bad quality format anymore. You can buy your music instantly anytime you want from a name you know and trust.

Our store is 100% legal and we are working in partnership with the Persian record companies and artists to help support the Persian music industry. And so should you!

As we play songs on the radio, you will see a "Buy This Now" link appear next to the song name. This means the song is available for purchase and you can own it yourself.

We're continuously updating our music collection everyday, so check back often for updates. If you have any suggestions or requests, send them our way!

Here are some emails we've received:

~~~~ Bacheha.. Dametoon Garm.. I love the buy this song option

~~~~ ba arze khaste nabashid be hameye dastandar karane RJ, mikhastam begam ke kheily kheily khoshhalam az inke MP3 STORE ro rah andakhtid. vaghean betoon tabrik migam. I AM REALLY PROUD OF YOU! belakhare yeki peyda shod in vasat ke in karo anjam bede. man kheily narahat boodam az in vaze "dozdi". chera vaghean ma nabayad vase kare honarmandamoon arzesh ghael bashim mesle baghiye? belakhare honarmandaye ma ham koli zahmat mikeshan vase kareshoon va ma nabayad ba illegal downloading beheshoon "khiyanat" konim. dar har soorat bazam mersi ke in karo kardid va be in shekl az honarmandamoon hemayat mikonid. They deserve this.

~~~~ The new Mp3 download section looks awesome.. to be honest, radio Javan is the only Persain site I know of that have written their site from ground up and have followed up with internet standards

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