Nassim - 'Sedaye Iranican'
Sedaye Iranican Nassim
Sedaye Iranican - 'Nassim'
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Date added: Aug 8, 2014
Sedaye Iranican podcasts weekly on Radio Javan and!

Nasim Parize joins us just 2 weeks after Alireza JJ and shares her cooperation with Zedbazi, and what it's like to be pregnant. By the way Nasim's baby was just born and we would like to congratulate her on this beautiful occassion. Mohamadreza informs us about the science of sitting vs. standing and more. We also introduce our Prank Calling (Mozahem Telephoni) segment in more detail and ask if you have a good case to send us a facebook message!Here†is our twitter, you can send us some love on†our Facebook page, and leave us a voice-mail at 1-762-BEFARMA†(762-2332-762)

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