Iranican Live - 'Jun 27, 2012'
Iranican Live Jun 27, 2012
Iranican Live - 'Jun 27, 2012'
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Date added: Jun 27, 2012
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Stages of Life: Shahed meets real world!
So you just graduated College, got some good degree, from a top university, spent the past 4 to 6 years of your life in different class rooms studying the major you chose based on your desire and passion, that’s if your Iranian parents didn’t get to you in your decision; and what now?

You’re transitioning from one stage of your life to another, you’re leaving everything your familiar to, the life of parties, living among people your own age, and a place where your biggest mistake is failing a class and entering a world in which you know nothing about, and your mistakes could have much bigger consequences than just a failing grade, do you think you’re ready? Does college really prepare you for the big world?

Tune into Iranican Live to hear three of our original co-hosts Iman, Shahed, and Elnaz discuss their transitions from college life into adulthood, and how they dealt with it…

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