Glory Stories - 'Borde Doostane'
Borde Doostane Glory Stories
Glory Stories - 'Borde Doostane'
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Date added: Aug 19, 2021
برد دوستانه

"مريدا" كه براى فستيوال سالانه "دان براك"
خيلى هيجان زده ست، براي شركت تو مسابقات با دوست جديدش " كندرو " همراه ميشه،
اما علايق و سليقشون خيلي متفاوته و ...

A winning friendship

It was the perfect day for the Don Broch games, the festival held in the spirit of fun and friendship.
“Merida” is super excited to be part of the festival,
“Kendrew” her new friend is going to get along with her,
But they don’t have even a common interest...

Mehrdad Raissi

Voice Actors:
Nasim Nejad Azar
Mehrdad Raissi

Instagram: @gloryentertainment @mehrdadraissi @nasimiana

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