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DeepLight Episode 5 Plays: 1,241,572
DeepLight - 'Episode 5'
DeepLight Episode 5 Plays: 1,241,572
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DeepLight with ORBEL, exclusively on RJ!
    1. DJ Sava - I Loved You (Ft Irina Rimes) (Extended Mix)
    2. Sam Feldt - Shadows Of Love (Ft Heidi Rojas)
    3. James Bay - Hear Your Heart (FlicFlac Bootleg)
    4. Lexi Tellings & West.K - And I'm Breathless (Jako Diaz Remix)
    5. Morgan Page - In The Air (Elkoe Remix)
    6. Ane Brun - To Let Myself Go
    7. Lincoln Jesser - Roll On (Ft Anjulie)
    8. Son Of 8, Phats & Small - With Every Heartbeat
    9. Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Feat Lisa May - Are You Magic
    10. Madonna - Frozen (S9 Gently Remix)
    11. Bentley Grey - You And I
    12. Tosel Hale Manos - Don't Get Mad at Me (Patrick Podage Remix)
    13. Mr. DJ Monj - So Many (Ft Julia Turano) (Adori remix)
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