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Created by Radio Javan | 40 songs | 14,416 followers
Eddie Attar Boro 468,366 plays
Majid Eslahi Hassas 1,259,990 plays
Alireza JJ, Sijal, & Nassim Hese Lamese (Ft Sami Low) Arian Goleh Remix 1,294,967 plays
Tohi Amazing 4,563,527 plays
Amirhossein Eftekhari Chito 3,270,882 plays
Eddie Attar Na Bikhial 1,986,349 plays
Hamid Hiraad Yar 10,611,454 plays
Majid Eslahi Halalet 2,401,738 plays
Sasy Hame Bada 11,777,117 plays
TM Bax Lozoomi Nadare 5,428,903 plays
Hamed Homayoun Nimeye Man 7,526,829 plays
Puzzle Band Deldade (DJ Vicolo Remix) 1,478,585 plays
Majid Eslahi Hey 4,554,658 plays
Hamid Hiraad Mastam Kon (DJ Nima Remix) 4,080,477 plays
Amirhossein Eftekhari Ey Yar 11,082,356 plays
Puzzle Band Delaaram (Ft Hamid Hiraad) (Remix) 6,025,651 plays
Eddie Attar Daghoone 2,756,645 plays
Sasy Ostad 15,749,665 plays
Arash Esmet Chi Chie (Aligator Remix) 3,469,057 plays
Majid Eslahi Koja 3,920,429 plays
Puzzle Band Mashooghe (Ft Hamid Hiraad) 17,248,124 plays
Macan Band Harbar In Daro (Dynatonic Remix) 6,812,712 plays
Shahab Tiam Bi Hashiyeh 14,364,455 plays
Majid Eslahi Bam Bam 6,973,332 plays
Alireza JJ, Sijal, & Behzad Leito Ziadesh Khoobe (Arian Goleh Remix) 10,308,265 plays
Sirvan Khosravi Bargard 13,730,285 plays
Behnam Bani Chi Begam 16,579,984 plays
Sasy Noosh 17,597,816 plays
Puzzle Band Bitab (Ft Hamid Hiraad) 19,153,158 plays
Sahar Ey Vay 16,810,685 plays
Hamed Homayoun Chenin Konam Chenan Konam 23,100,160 plays
Majid Eslahi Eshghe Ki Boodi 5,544,306 plays
Sirvan Khosravi Soojehat Tekrarie 16,762,099 plays
Sasy Salam 22,709,979 plays
Hamed Homayoun Chatre Khis 48,829,098 plays
Eddie Attar Rooberah 4,695,726 plays
TM Bax Sansoor 19,183,473 plays
Black Cats Dafi Joon 21,892,707 plays
Hamed Homayoun Sheydaei 30,772,324 plays
Sasy Saaghiya 36,179,939 plays
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