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Created by Radio Javan | 40 songs | 4,920 followers
Sadegh In 2,290,810 plays
Shayea Sarpaam (Ft Ho3ein & Canis) 5,381,974 plays
Ali Sorena Kavir 1,017,902 plays
Ho3ein Khafan 5,237,362 plays
Shayea Hameye Man 3,532,940 plays
Fadaei Efrati 277,564 plays
Ali Sorena Gonjeshkaka 661,370 plays
Quf Hassan 291,672 plays
Ali Sorena Teryagh 419,093 plays
Shayea In Manam 4,818,606 plays
Amir Khalvat Super Star 1,418,709 plays
Ali Sorena Poshte In Jang Ha 443,287 plays
Justina But 963,644 plays
Bahram Saz 2,893,943 plays
Hichkas Gerye Dare 2,422,232 plays
Ho3ein Khaabe Rahat (Ft Bidad) 5,903,827 plays
Shayea Refigh Fabrik 3,042,796 plays
Ali Sorena Tavalod 1,176,475 plays
Amir Khalvat Maha Bigodar (Ft Sajadii) 1,523,646 plays
Justina Saye Roshan 874,402 plays
Sadegh & Pedram Azad Raahro 1,306,156 plays
Emad Ghavidel Masire Dard 579,162 plays
Quf Khafe 488,637 plays
Magico Jaddeh 154,175 plays
Ho3ein Por (Ft BigRez) 3,660,916 plays
Fadaei Mostaghel 478,875 plays
Bahram Eshtebah 781,735 plays
Ali Sorena Majnoone Shahr 1,358,460 plays
MrParham Nadare Eyb 899,736 plays
Shayea Vaysin Aghab 3,686,766 plays
Sadegh Hanooz Hamoonam (Ft Attena EpiCure) 4,737,177 plays
Hichkas Tof 3,006,350 plays
Moer Rahe Rafte 448,257 plays
Dariush Sarbaz Hert 389,294 plays
Ho3ein Delkhoshi (Ft BigRez) 5,201,680 plays
Ali Sorena Gharibe Nisti 778,199 plays
Hichkas Ghanoon 705,795 plays
Shayea Kerm 2,959,400 plays
Bahram Lams 1,824,246 plays
Ho3ein & Sadegh Shaba 6,827,618 plays
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