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Zedbazi Favorites

Created by Radio Javan | 50 songs | 12,049 followers
Alireza JJ & Sijal Betekoon (Ft Sepehr Khalse & Behzad Leito) 9,616,636 plays
Sohrab MJ Ma (Ft Mehrad Hidden) 3,227,516 plays
Zedbazi Nakoni Bavar (Ft Behzad Leito) 14,623,102 plays
Mehrad Hidden Khabari Nis (Ft Sijal) 3,817,002 plays
Alireza JJ, Sijal, & Nassim Heif Ke Nisti (Ft The Don) 7,437,406 plays
Zedbazi Cigare Soorati 12,412,211 plays
Behzad Leito Naab (Ft Alireza JJ & Sijal) 9,792,888 plays
Zedbazi Tabestoon Kootahe 11,912,867 plays
Sohrab MJ Pishkesvat 3,812,883 plays
Alireza JJ, Sijal, & Nassim Az Oonayi (Ft Alex Asli) 14,050,622 plays
Zedbazi Pedare Man Bad Mano Negah Mikone 4,838,950 plays
Zedbazi OBI 5,405,836 plays
Zedbazi Zendegie Mane 2,875,372 plays
Alireza JJ, Sijal, & Nassim Hese Lamese (Ft Sami Low) 5,088,150 plays
Mehrad Hidden Miresam (Ft Saman Wilson & Sohrab MJ) 7,253,548 plays
Sohrab MJ Leila (Ft Alireza JJ & Behzad Leito) 6,483,907 plays
Alireza JJ & Sijal Vitamine 30 (Ft Sohrab MJ & Behzad Leito) 10,030,198 plays
Zedbazi Bekhand Masnooyi 2,800,572 plays
Bozorg Bozorg (Ft Arash Dara) 2,975,575 plays
Alireza JJ, Sijal, & Nassim Pir Shodim Vali Bozorg Na 10,202,495 plays
Zedbazi Zamin Saafe 4,342,221 plays
Zedbazi Kooche 1,587,128 plays
Sijal & Nassim Sahme Mani (Ft Siavash Rad) 3,167,633 plays
Zedbazi, Behzad Leito, AFX Saat Vayse 10,199,029 plays
Alireza JJ, Sijal, & Nassim +3:30 Tehran Maserati (Ft Behzad Leito) 15,236,799 plays
Mehrad Hidden Baazi (Ft Rassek) 3,035,995 plays
Zedbazi Daastaane Maa 1,324,389 plays
Zedbazi Chera Badi (Ft Hichkas) 10,464,338 plays
Alireza JJ & Sijal Ghable Ejraa (Ft Behzad Leito & Sohrab MJ) 5,698,656 plays
Zedbazi Iroonie L.A. 1,572,466 plays
Zedbazi Coocooli Koo? 1,053,810 plays
Zedbazi Merci Kolli 1,970,818 plays
Zedbazi Guitare Koli 2,287,629 plays
Zedbazi Taze Shuru-e Zendegimoone 2,773,525 plays
Zedbazi Tehran Maale Mane (Album Version) 6,584,829 plays
Zedbazi Nabayad Vaysim 2,741,233 plays
Sijal Pesare Bad (Ft Sohrab MJ & Cornellaa) 6,679,348 plays
Zedbazi Mahdekoodak 1,833,007 plays
Zedbazi Mesle Man 1,574,454 plays
Zedbazi Male Ham Boodim 1,623,159 plays
Zedbazi Daro Baz Kon 2,650,561 plays
Behzad Leito Palang (Ft Alireza JJ & Sijal) 12,393,922 plays
Alireza JJ & Sijal Golo Sangam (Ft Behzad Leito) 6,366,809 plays
Bozorg Bitab 7,939,384 plays
Bozorg Poshtdast (Ft Sohrab MJ) 3,279,845 plays
Zedbazi Khodesh Midoone Khoobe 3,205,150 plays
Sohrab MJ Abadi 4,935,973 plays
Alireza JJ Tang Bazi 3,433,141 plays
Mehrad Hidden Lili Lili Hozak (Ft Sohrab MJ) 2,486,997 plays
Behzad Leito & Sijal Fogholade (Ft Sami Beigi) 18,425,446 plays
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