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Created by Radio Javan | 30 songs | 7,454 followers
Avan Band Salam Aleyk 774,439 plays
Pallett Leyli Jan 1,036,369 plays
Chaartaar Asemaan Ham Zamin Mikhorad 9,392,600 plays
Dang Show Chizi 1,077,526 plays
Avan Band Ganjoor 3,146,753 plays
Daarkoob Band Mane Divaaneh 1,070,133 plays
Kako Band Fall 8,567,956 plays
Pallett Vagabond 2,269,079 plays
Chaartaar Baaraan Toee 11,946,460 plays
Shirazis Band Nemidani 420,335 plays
Daarkoob Band Toroshroo 1,801,702 plays
Pallett Tamame Natamam 2,034,335 plays
Ajam Oomadam 605,749 plays
Farsian Band L-Hum 747,745 plays
Kako Band Dance In Fire 10,970,518 plays
Dang Show Bade Gonahkar 1,761,842 plays
Jaana Band Morghe Lahooti 272,099 plays
Daal Band Dancing My Song 1,170,392 plays
Mah Banoo Band Jane Ashegh 297,137 plays
Kako Band Paradise 2,148,671 plays
Shirazis Band Sharab e Nasazegaram 504,237 plays
Chaartaar Ashoobam 9,289,209 plays
Ajam Zoghalchi 1,276,978 plays
Daarkoob Band Singou 431,265 plays
Dang Show Va Beman 1,008,865 plays
Daarkoob Band Dast Bararim 523,255 plays
Chaartaar Daricheh 3,602,428 plays
Daal Band Here I Wait 631,226 plays
Mah Banoo Band Maa Raa Bas 286,336 plays
Pallett Leyli 1,584,313 plays
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