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Created by Radio Javan | 31 songs | 4,045 followers
Kako Band Dance In Fire 8,853,347 plays
Daarkoob Band Toroshroo 1,401,334 plays
Dang Show Sweeter Than (Ft Puyava) 364,714 plays
Chaartaar Baaraan Toee 10,019,014 plays
Pallett Leyli 1,272,026 plays
Ajam Oomadam 439,182 plays
Shirazis Band Nemidani 238,440 plays
Kako Band Paradise 1,702,974 plays
Damahi Band Dokhtarak 198,074 plays
Chaartaar Asemaan Ham Zamin Mikhorad 7,952,609 plays
Farsian Band L-Hum 577,369 plays
Dang Show Bade Gonahkar 1,183,813 plays
Kako Band Fall 7,024,012 plays
Daal Band Dancing My Song 801,312 plays
Jaana Band Morghe Lahooti 151,165 plays
Mah Banoo Band Jane Ashegh 182,128 plays
Shirazis Band Sharab e Nasazegaram 403,730 plays
Chaartaar Ashoobam 7,990,010 plays
Ajam Zoghalchi 1,050,155 plays
Daarkoob Band Singou 299,062 plays
Dang Show Va Beman 828,801 plays
Pallett Vagabond 1,756,150 plays
Daarkoob Band Dast Bararim 381,405 plays
Chaartaar Daricheh 3,270,714 plays
Damahi Band Sogand 89,008 plays
Dang Show Ye Shahre Door 1,056,262 plays
Daal Band Here I Wait 459,801 plays
Mah Banoo Band Maa Raa Bas 193,149 plays
Chaartaar Maraa Be Khaaterat Negah Daar 6,719,843 plays
Ajam Norooz Khani 404,393 plays
Farsian Band Rahayi 330,691 plays
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