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Women of Pop

Created by Radio Javan | 40 songs | 3,564 followers
Morvarid Delam Tang Mishe 1,203,772 plays
SheryM Kaboos 1,244,400 plays
Shahrzad Baroone Hasrat 376,816 plays
Nelli Ashegh Naboodi 124,216 plays
Morvarid Hess 1,334,549 plays
Sahar Boghz 2,474,899 plays
Golazin Bi Gonah 657,045 plays
Nikita Ba To Behtare 2,380,812 plays
Hana To Sadei 1,100,597 plays
Shakila Azize Dirooz 949,673 plays
Reza Rohani & Sara Naeini Ba To Ama Mishe Tan Dad 2,101,274 plays
Parastoo Entekhabe To 475,300 plays
Satin Divanegan 955,263 plays
Sahar Ey Vay & Ey Jan (Remix) 2,947,165 plays
Ahllam Behtarin 665,025 plays
Sara Naeini Esharate Nazar (Mehran Abbasi Remix) 1,078,343 plays
Melanie Man Nemibakhshamet 2,188,057 plays
Morvarid Dele Man 2,306,215 plays
Shahrzad Tanhae 760,307 plays
Googoosh Sogand 2,357,030 plays
Satin Migi Miram 1,051,836 plays
Sahar Ey Jan 9,022,840 plays
Melanie Mahale Digeh Bargardam 2,066,865 plays
SheryM Adat 2,695,255 plays
Satin Hich Kasi Mesle To Nist 633,569 plays
Shahrzad Bigharar 983,702 plays
Morvarid Ba Man Bash 2,368,285 plays
Golazin Hess 599,771 plays
Rana Mansour Miporsam (Ft Alessandro Calemme) 473,417 plays
Siah Hasrat 314,865 plays
Parastoo Miram 519,638 plays
Helen In Arezoomeh 1,195,367 plays
Morvarid Yadete 3,792,983 plays
Shahrzad Gole Man 1,963,965 plays
Hana Fardaye Khoob 1,509,472 plays
Shakila Mosafer 716,363 plays
Golazin Booseh 1,313,483 plays
Rama Eshghe To 56,758 plays
Googoosh Do Panjareh (New Version) 1,786,517 plays
Googoosh Hastamo Nistam 2,302,068 plays
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