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New Voices

Created by Radio Javan | 20 songs | 3,000 followers
Macan Band Delgiri 2,534,761 plays
Saha Tab 331,026 plays
Iman Ebrahimi Eltemas 201,687 plays
Paprika Hamin Vasam Bad Shod 574,468 plays
Houman Azma Ashegham Bash 156,818 plays
Amin Marashi Sare Forsat 384,816 plays
Ali Molaei In Bar 558,669 plays
Avan Band Salam Aleyk 352,545 plays
Amir Kia Hess Kon 236,131 plays
Armes Khanande 1,280,909 plays
Moein Z Nareye Chaah 1,324,469 plays
Mohammad Taher Hiss 312,685 plays
Nikita Oon Ghadima 1,862,910 plays
Hamed Baradaran Bade To 784,505 plays
Shery M Adat 1,209,060 plays
Macan Band Harbar In Daro 10,312,321 plays
Mehdi Azar Ey Vay (Ft Masoud Jahani) 572,253 plays
Mohammadreza Moghadam Gheseye Donbaledar 63,178 plays
Raysa & A-min Hasoodi 749,346 plays
Satin Hich Kasi Mesle To Nist 301,252 plays
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