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Created by Radio Javan | 45 songs | 11,288 followers
Talk Down Dalil 380,819 plays
Behzad Leito Hamintori (Ft Anita) 3,523,143 plays
Alireza JJ, Sijal, & Nassim Heif Ke Nisti (Ft The Don) 6,227,962 plays
Octave Faramosh Mishi (Ft Morvarid) 1,640,747 plays
Wantons Duset Daram (Ft Nikita) 2,927,829 plays
Gdaal Ye Divare (Ft Mahta) 1,751,354 plays
Tik Taak Na Dige Na (Ft I.Da) 5,946,202 plays
Sijal & Sepehr Khalse Labkhand (Ft Alex Asli) 3,690,540 plays
EpiCure Sard Shodim 1,152,588 plays
Octave In Rooza Ke Tamoomshe 2,509,943 plays
Talk Down & Gz Band Adaw 1,163,155 plays
Gdaal & Arta Yeki Azoona (Ft Anita) 1,760,007 plays
Wantons Begoo Yadete (Ft Behzad Leito) 6,946,635 plays
MrParham Ye Emshabe (Ft Saren) 465,032 plays
Behzad Leito & Sepehr Khalse Dast Foroush (Ft Siavash Rad & Anita) 2,703,539 plays
Erfan Dobareh (Ft Morvarid) 3,739,214 plays
Armes Just Friend 647,402 plays
Tik Taak Ta Hamishe 2,437,120 plays
Wantons Doe Sob 9,692,304 plays
Wantons Fada Saret 11,566,118 plays
Sijal & Nassim Sahme Mani (Ft Siavash Rad) 3,078,461 plays
Behzad Leito & AFX Dadim Raft Toro (Ft Sogand) 15,500,389 plays
Octave Injoori Behtare (Ft Sepehr Khalse) 9,504,264 plays
Dayan Mano Yadet Miyad 3,410,834 plays
Alex Asli Hamsedaye Man 980,633 plays
Mohammad Bibak Pasho 3,046,382 plays
Alireza JJ & Sijal Nabayad Vajebi Raghsid (Ft Wantons) 3,458,542 plays
Erfan Yadete (Ft Sogand) 10,520,869 plays
MrParham Gahi Vaghta 2,372,282 plays
Zedbazi Zamin Saafe 4,070,045 plays
Wantons Cheshmak (Ft AFX) 9,775,202 plays
Sepehr Khalse Gole Man (Ft Behzad Leito & Siavash Rad) 8,976,248 plays
Zedbazi Nakoni Bavar (Ft Behzad Leito) 13,686,926 plays
Sadegh Ayneh (Ft Sogand) 2,397,591 plays
Wantons Pas Man Chi 7,777,536 plays
Alireza JJ, Sijal, & Nassim Pir Shodim Vali Bozorg Na 9,679,348 plays
Arta & Raha Beza Bere 5,752,125 plays
Behzad Leito X (Ft Sijal) 2,292,327 plays
Zedbazi Tabestoon Kootahe 11,160,602 plays
Sepehr Khalse In Faseleh (Ft Alex Asli & Sijal) 2,991,939 plays
MrParham Nadare Eyb 827,371 plays
Mohammad Bibak Taghsire Ki Bood 5,439,823 plays
Zedbazi Male Ham Boodim 1,539,783 plays
Zedbazi Taze Shuru-e Zendegimoone 2,673,077 plays
Dayan Hamin Harfa 3,591,334 plays
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