Fariman - 'Mona'
Fariman Mona
Fariman - 'Mona'
Plays: 156,923
Date Added: Jan 13, 2011
Music: Fariman
Lyrics: Fariman
Arrangement: Reza Tajbakhsh & Fariman
Every Where I Go, I See You Babe
I Cant Get You Out Of My Head
Oh Im Here, With My Broken Heart
Oh I Feel, Im So Cold In Side
Every Where I Go, I Can Feel You Babe
Dont Know How Many Times I Must Cry For You Babe
How I Wish, Never Met You Girl
Don't Know Why, I Still Love You Babe

Every Word You Said, Just Broke My Heart
I Tryied So Hard To Understand You, Cause I Loved You But You Broke My Heart
Oh Im Here, With My Lonly Night
Wanna Cry, All The Night
I Sacrificed Every Thing To Prove My Self
I Just Wanted You To Tell Me That Im Still Your Man
But You Said, I Dont Under Stand
You Said, You Love Some One Else

No, Life... Is So Unfair...
I Said, Life, Life, Life, Is So Unfair...
Oh I Still, See Your Face
Oh I still, Live With You In My Head

I wanna Be With You Girl...
You Know I Love You Baby...
I Wanna Be With You Girl

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