Cornellaa - 'Princess (Ft KC)'
Cornellaa Princess (Ft KC) Plays: 613,833
Cornellaa - 'Princess (Ft KC)'
Produced By Ali.i.a.n
Verse 1

Let Me Tell You That (That )
You Just Like My Fan (Fan )
Go a Little Back (Back )
I Dont UNderstand That
Dont shake Your hand (Hand )
When your in my land (Land)
shoot you like a bang (Bang )
You will Loose the match

I cut you into slicess
you see how my tune lies
smokes and wild vibes
dont you realize
im in paradise
cool , i like an ice box
you you idolize
double six on my dice

im live
living like a princess
im rising to be a queen

Verse 2
im not the one to blame (blame )
i dont wanna play games
i dont need you babe
you can walk away

you dont know my name (name)
you think im insane (sane )
so we,re not the same (same )
Guess (3) What ?!

Now have you ever had a thug, serenade with rhymes/
Put you under my spell, I'll control your mind/
Make you do what I say so/
Have you all across the globe like NATO/
Girl that's Great Britian Condos/
Dates in Chicago/
Pull up to penthouse in Murcielago/
Jo got that pimpin [Chuuch]
So she aint trippin [Much]
Shout out to Miss C, Cus this shit a hit though/
And if you got problems, call me for the Kick Door

im live
living like a princess
im rising to be a queen

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