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Iranican Live - 'Sep 6, 2012'
Iranican Live - 'Sep 6, 2012'
Iranican Live Sep 6, 2012 Plays: 13,068
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Iranican Live airs every other Wednesday at 10PM EST! Good to be Back and Goodbye Shahed! After a 1-month hiatus, we’re back with Farzad, Hooshang (after a long time), Shahed, and Iman. In this show, we’ll talk about the Olympics, Para-Olympics, and other current events. We are going to talk to Nobar Elmi, the Director of Community Outreach of NIAC. NIAC is throwing is a “Demystifying Democracy” workshop at UC Hastings She will also join us as an In-studio guest for the next episode of Iranican Live. Iman is here to give us an update from Earthquakes’ Iranian Heritage Night which we had a video report on. We’ll have a brief discussion about the ban of women from some university courses in Iran and last but not least, this show is the official Goodbye Party of Shahed, as she has moved out of the area to pursue her first post graduation job. It’s great to be back! Hope you enjoy the show.
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