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Mostafa Yeganeh's New Song 'Vabastat Shodam' Coming Soon

April 23, 2014 09aa6bae7ebf3d4
After release of 'Ba To Khobe Cheghad' Mostafa Yeganeh has a new single called 'Vabastat Shodam' set to be released soon exclusively on Radio Javan, stay tuned!  

Coming Soon Ahmad Saeedi's New Song 'Haghighat'

April 22, 2014 64aa7374d827103
Radio Javan is proud to work with Ahma Saeedi on his upcoming new song "Haghighat" which he has just finished recording. The song features lyrics and music by Amirali Bahadori and arrangement by Mehrdad Abbasi. It's a mainstream slow song with a beautiful melody that stays true to Ahmad Saeedi's many hits that he's had on RJ! Stay tuned for the release of "Haghighat" coming soon on Radio Javan!

Sogand's New Video & Song 'Bilite Yektarafe' Coming Soon

April 21, 2014 5a20f0d9773a9e2
Radio Javan is excited to present to you Sogand's brand-new music video "Bilite Yektarafe"! This is a new catchy song that features Sogand's soulful and distinguished voice and is produced by Siaho Sefid. "Bilite Yektarafe" follows her mega-hit collaboration for Erfan with "Yadete" and this is her first solo Persian music video. This will be the talented Sogand's one of many upcoming projects and we can't wait to premiere to ...

Coming Soon Sasy Mankan's New Song 'Nagoo Na'

April 20, 2014 A56fdf500f3ef89
Sasy Mankan's next new song is the upcoming "Nagoo Na", to be released soon by Radio Javan! It's a slow type song with music and lyrics by Sasy Mankan and arrangement by Masoud Jahani. We'll have it for you shortly on RJ, stay tuned!  

Fereydoun's New Track 'Taskin' Coming Soon

April 19, 2014 E8d87fbbd46dfdb
Fereydoun has finished his new song called "Taskin". It features lyrics by Tahmoores Pourmohamad, music by Behnam Karimi and arrangement by Saeed Zamani. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of Fereydoun's new track on RJ!

Hamed Fard's New Video and Song 'Mard' Coming Soon

April 19, 2014 1bcdae0d339604b
Hamed Fard has finished his new project including a brand-new song and video called "Mard" ready to be released soon. It features lyrics/music by Hamed Fard, and arrangement by Sasan Farahmand. Hamed Fard's new video will be released by Radio Javan Music Label and we have no doubt it is going to be one of his best video/song.

Coming Soon Mehrnoosh's New Song 'Bi Natije'

April 17, 2014 C7eeed68186a5c1
Mehrnoosh has her new track "Bi Natije" coming soon on Radio Javan. It's a slow and beautiful song with lyrics by Arizazad and music & arrangement by long-time Mehrnoosh collaborator Jamal Khoddami. We'll have the exclusive release of Mehrnoosh's next hit "Bi Natije" soon on RJ!

Announcing Radio Javan Label

April 17, 2014 3669d661bdcc3a6
قابل توجه دوستان، هنرمندان و مخاطبان عزيز در حالی که راديو جوان وارد دهمين سالگرد فعاليت حرفه ای خود می شود، مفتخريم كه به اطلاع برسانيم "راديو جوان" به عنوان يک شرکت توليد و نشر موسيقی با هدف حمايت از هنرمندان مستقل، به طور رسمی شروع به کار کرده است. هنرمندان بسيارى طی ساليان گذشته به سختی کوشش کرده اند تا موسيقی خود را به گوش مخاطبان خود برسانند و ...

Justina's EP To Release Soon

April 13, 2014 89601d9f407bf9b
Stay tuned for the release of Justina's EP, coming soon exclusively on Radio Javan!

Emad Talebzadeh's New Track 'Hesse Asheghi' Coming Soon

April 12, 2014 954d1cdb6d7940f
Once again, we have a new song from Emad Talebzadeh "Hesse Asheghi" that's going to be released very soon exclusively on Radio Javan! This new track features music by Emad Talebzadeh & Amir Ali Bahadori, lyrics by Amir Ali Bahadori and arrangement by Pourya Heydari.

Coming Soon Idin's New Music Video 'Dooroogh'

April 9, 2014 1f563389d93180c
Idin's working on his new music video and song "Dooroogh" which is project being filmed and directed by Behnam Mokri. It's scheduled to be released this April. Stay tuned for it soon on RJ!

Amin Rostami's New Hit Song 'Havam Toei' Coming Soon

April 7, 2014 824b468f42ba31c
Amin Rostami has a new track that will soon be releasing by Radio Javan! "Havam Toei" features lyrics by Farid Ahmadi, music by Amin Rostami, and arrangement by Mehran Khalesi. This will be Amin Rostami's first song of the new year, and we're sure it will be one that his fans will really enjoy, stay tuned!

Coming Soon New Track 'Haz Kardam' by Shahrokh

April 3, 2014 Ee5c5dd3b1f91c8
One of the legends of Persian music who has had many memorable songs throughout the songs, Shahrokh, has his brand-new song "Haz Kardam" ready to be released. It features lyrics by Masoud Khodabandehloo, music and arrangement by Mohammad Kelasssi Bahar, and mix and mastering by Kamyar Khosravi. We'll have the exclusive release of Shahrokh's latest single soon on Radio Javan!  

Naser Zeynali's New Song 'Mage Hast' Coming Soon

April 3, 2014 Ad25e120916860a
Naser Zeynali has finished a new song called "Mage Hast?". It is featuring lyrics by Porya Motabean, music by Naser Zeynali, and arrangement by Farbor Foroughi. Stay tuned for exclusive release of Naser Zeynali's new song soon on RJ!

Coming Soon Hamid Sefat's New Video & Song 'Maloomeh Kojay'

April 2, 2014 B778037e02a325d
Up-and-coming new rap artist Hamid Sefat has his new music video prepared for release by King Records. His previous release "Sookhtegan" was a unique and interesting video that we premiered on RJ. The new song "Maloomeh Kojay" is more a mainstream track and features Mohsen Bazargan. Stay tuned for the premiere this Saturday on Radio Javan!
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