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World Premiere of Kamyar's Video "Tekraari" Coming Soon

January 28, 2015 Fab6e3fcd0c404f
Here we are with the much anticipated music video of Kamyar that we all have been waiting for. First the release of the single "Tekraari", now the video itself directed by the very talented Behnam Morki ! It will be exclusively released on Radio Javan this Thursday, January 29th. This video is a continues story of the previous music video "Ashegh Mimoonam". You will now experience Kamyar more on the serious ...

Mehran Atash's New Song 'Ghadam Mizani Zire Baroon' Coming Soon

January 27, 2015 Ab365208f8c072c
Mehran Atash a new artist who has become popular with his great singles, has finished his new song "Ghadam Mizani Zire Baroon". The track will be released by Radio Javan and features lyrics by Ana Salehi and music by Mohammad Abedini & Farzad Vaseghi, and arrangement by Arash Azad. Stay tuned for Mehran Atash new track "Ghadam Mizani Zire Baroon" soon on RJ!

Fariman's New Song 'Adam Kooki' Coming Soon

January 26, 2015 7dbb25ad6fca905
Fariman has just finished up his new track called "Adam Kooki" that's set to be released by Radio Javan! It's slow song features lyrics and music by Amirali Bahadori, and arrangement by Fariman himself. Stay tuned for Fariman's new track "Adam Kooki" exclusively on RJ!

Googoosh's New Music Videos and Album Coming Soon

January 25, 2015 C069928be8bbe85
Radio Javan is very proud and excited to present to you upcoming music videos by the one and only Googoosh! Coming very soon will be two amazing and unique new music videos which will be from the legendary Googoosh's upcoming album. Every few days we will have more announcements, pictures, and teasers from these projects.  You can keep up with the announcements and news on Googoosh's artist page on RJ!

Sami Beigi's New Music Video "Deltangi" Coming Soon

January 25, 2015 E3daf81effff588
Sami Beigi's highly anticipated new music video "Deltangi" will be released soon by King Records! This is Sami's first video in almost a year, and he has been busy working on many new exciting projects. Stay tuned for the release of "Deltangi" soon on Radio Javan!

Cameron Cartio Returns With Hit New Single "Delam Asireh"

January 24, 2015 394a3415c8425b4
Radio Javan is happy to announce that Cameron Cartio is making a big comeback in 2015 with all-new songs! He's recently finished working on the song "Delam Asireh", a catchy, uptempo dance track. Over the years, Cameron Cartio has had many hit songs such as "Henna" and "Roma" that we all remember. And now with "Delam Asireh", his brother and director Alec Cartio is making a music video which we ...

Babak Taslimi's New Song "Ehsas" Coming Soon

January 23, 2015 A5b9d2e02215686
Babak Taslimi returns with a brand new song "Ehsas" after about three years exclusively to Radio Javan! Babak who has several hits on RJ including "Ba To Mimoonam", "Mikham Bahat Beraghsam", "Bepar Too Baghalam", and "Tripet Mano Koshteh" is coming back with so many new projects. His new work is a happy song featuring arrangement by Milad Hashemi, music by Ashkan Khashaei, lyrics by Masoud Mohammadi & Hamed Rajabi. Stay ...

Coming Soon New Track 'Kash Mishod' by Naser Zeynali

January 23, 2015 221da3a8159fd86
Naser Zeynali has finished a new song called "Kash Mishod'. It is a beatiful house music featuring arrangement by Hamed Baradaran, lyrics & music by Naser Zeynali himself. Stay tuned for exclusive release of Naser's new song this week on RJ!

Coming Soon Shadi Amini's New Single 'Balcon'

January 23, 2015 4971e98d796203b
Shadi Amini has finished recording her new song "Balcon" which will be released by Radio Javan! After her successful hit "Jaadye Shomal", Shadi once again has a beautiful track that features her unique voice with lyrics written by herself, music by Pouria Motabean, and arrangement by Hamoon Tehrani. Stay tuned for the release of "Balcon" coming soon on RJ!

World Premiere of Mansour's New Video & Song 'Ahay Divooneh' Coming Soon

January 23, 2015 5db6ac0a3696672
After two hit singles "Bedooneh Tou" and "Farze Mahal", Mansour has prepped a fun club song "Ahay Divooneh" set to be released by Radio Javan! The track is arranged by Payam Shams, with music by Ashkan and lyrics by Taraneh. This time Mansour has collaborated with Ali Zamani, for which is surely expected to be another mega-hit project. The exclusive world premiere of the MP3 and video will be on ...

Kamyar's New Hit Song & Video "Tekraari" Coming Soon

January 20, 2015 4a42acd3788c061
Radio Javan is proud to announce Kamyar's new mp3 song "Tekraari" will be released this Saturday, January 24! Surprisingly Kamyar decided to sing a very emotional and beautiful slow song. He was more in the mood for sad lyrics, with deeper words and stronger meaning. Today Kamyar feels much more mature compared to a few years ago, as it shows in his projects and direction in the sound of his ...

Upcoming New Video & Song "Khateret Jam" By Amir Farjam Coming Soon

January 19, 2015 D638f69bb49b9ef
Following his recent hits "To Rafti"  and "Gomgashteh", Amir Farjam has his new project of the year "Khataret Jam" to be released by RJ! It's an upbeat house song that has arrangement by Mehran Abbasi, melody by Saeid Hashemi, and lyrics by Maryam Asadi. The music video is directed by Peter Belwon, who ahs made many of Amir Farjam's previous hits. We'll have the exclusive world premiere of Amir Farjam's ...

New Music Video "Khodet Baash" By Dynatonic Coming Soon

January 19, 2015 96b5b85c123c356
Radio Javan will soon present to you a new project by Dynatonic, who has been working on the song "Khodet Baash" which features the vocals of Homa! Dynatonic, who has his hit show Dynatomix on RJ, has produced many hit songs for artists in the past such as Sami Beigi. This will be his first music video which is created and directed by Pedram Etemadi. Stay tuned for the world premiere ...

Coming Soon New Song 'Ghalbam Ye Ja Dare' by Saeed Kermani

January 17, 2015 8038c6f8b06429f
Saeed Kermani is returning with a new song "Ghalbam Ye Ja Dare" set to be released by Radio Javan! It's a house-style track that features music and lyrics by Saeed Kermani, arrangement by Farshad Yazdi with mix & mastering by Hamed Baradaran. We'll have the exclusive release for you this week on RJ!

Chaartaar's New Single 'Daricheh' Coming Soon

January 17, 2015 07906af1bec1196
It's been just over a year since Chaartaar released their first Album "Baran Toee" on Radio Javan. Now we're excited to announce a new single "Daricheh" being released Sunday January 18th exclusively on Radio Javan! Stay tuned for the release of another great track by Chaartaar.
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