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Coming Soon Amir Acid's New Video & Song 'Ghalbam Tond Mitape'

September 14, 2014 9a47db65d48add8
Amir Acid has teamed up with director Majid Farahabod for his upcoming video and song which is set to be released by Radio Javan! "Ghalbam Tond Mitape" is an upbeat dance song that's arranged by Amir himself and has lyrics by Parsalip. Stay tuned for the release soon on RJ!

Ali Pahlavan's Solo Song 'Khaterehaye Soot o Koor' Coming Soon

September 14, 2014 5421ca3a22529a0
Ali Pahlavan, the lead singer of popular Arian Band has finished recording of his first ever solo work called "Khaterehaye Soot o Koor" ready to be released soon on Radio Javan. It is featuring music & lyrics by Ali Pahlavan himself, arrangement by Ninef Amirkhas with mix & mastering from Amir Tafreshi. Stay tuned for exclusive release of "Khaterehaye Soot o Koor" on Wednesday, Sep 17th.

Exclusive World Premiere of Siavash Ghomayshi's 'Mohabat' Coming Soon

September 11, 2014 E5a09bca0c001c6
Radio Javan is proud to present to you legendary Siavash Ghomayshi's upcoming new music video and song "Mohabat"! This is the first of two projects that Siavash Ghomayshi will be releasing this Fall. His projects have always been highly anticipated with his fans and "Mohabat" is turning out to be a masterful song that we can't wait to release for you. Siavash has recently finished filming the music video and ...

Morteza Pashaei's New Song 'Roozhaye Sakht' Coming Soon

September 10, 2014 2971f412f08e3b2
Following his mega-hit song "Negarane Mani" and the recent upbeat song "Ghablam Roo Tekrare", Morteza Pashaei has a brand-new track ready which will be released like before on Radio Javan! "Roozhaye Sakht" has lyrics by Mehrzad Amirkhani, who has written all of Morteza's lyrics, and the music is produced by Morteza himself. We'll have Morteza Pashaei's new anticipated song "Roozhaye Sakht" exclusively for you on Saturday, September 13th, stay tuned!

Ali Kiani's New Track 'One & Only' Coming Soon

September 9, 2014 798b71154012df7
Radi oJavan is excited to bring you Ali Kiani's all-new song "One & Only"! This follows his previous song "Frozen", which received many positive feedback. The new song is produced with mix and mastering by Ali Kiani himself and has lyrics by Amir Hamidi and Ali Kiani. It's a dual English and Persian song, that we're sure you will enjoy. Stay tuned for the exclusive release on Wednesday, September 10th!

Paya, Taham & Sogand's Collaboration Track '5PM' Coming Soon

September 3, 2014 75addd8c305427b
Radio Javan will soon present to you a new collaboration with Paya, Taham, and Sogand for the song '5PM'! This is from Paya's upcoming album "Dopamine", and it's an upbeat club track with some of your favorite hiphop artists. Check out the exclusive teaser below and stay tuned for the exlcusive release coming up soon on RJ!

Saeed Kermani's New Song 'Daram Miam' Coming Soon

September 3, 2014 82984d8786ab06c
Saeed Kermani, whose last song was the hit "Tanham Bezar", has finished recording his new song "Daram Miam", a fresh upbeat new song just in time for the end of summer. It's arranged by Pouyan Etesami and has music and lyrics by Saeed Kermani himself. The song will be released by RJ label and we'll have it for you soon, stay tuned!

Masih's New Song 'Summer' Coming Soon

September 2, 2014 860ad990f2aa336
Masih has just finished recording his new song called "Summer". It's an upbeat song featuring music by Noise with mix & mastering from Saeed Ansar. "Summer" will be released by RJ music label soon, stay tuned!

New Video & Song 'Che' By Hamed Sefat Coming Soon

August 28, 2014 878666c3fc8c9af
Rap artist Hamed Sefat, who most recent hit was "Hiss Maloomeh Kojay", has an upcoming video and song "Che" by King Records. With his unique style of music, this will be a project to check out. We'll release Hamed Sefat's new video & song soon on RJ!

Coming Soon Hamid Talebzadeh's New Song 'Eshghe Barfi'

August 27, 2014 52d889318ab222a
Hamid Talebzadeh, following his latest hit "Faghat Khode Toro Eshghe", has recorded his next new single "Eshghe Barfi"! This is a slow, love track that Hamid is dedicating to his wife on their anniversary. The lyrics are written by Siyah (MaHAN), with melody by MaHAN, and arrangement done by Saeed Taj. We're looking forward to releasing Hamid's upcoming song "Eshghe Barfi" by RJ label, stay tuned!

Coming Soon Dariush's Concert Documentary Video

August 26, 2014 172180beb7be817
As one of the busiest artists, legendary Dariush spends many days traveling and performing in concerts throughout many places around the world. Many times this includes long trips from home to cities where his fans also travel to see him. This summer film maker Ali Rafiei captured a day in Dariush's life when he came to Antalya. This documentary shows moments from Dariush's travels, his preparations, and the way he ...

New Album 'Overdose' Coming Soon

August 24, 2014 71b3241726ca0b1
A new rap album called "Overdose" is ready to be released very soon exclusively on Radio Javan! The album will feature Yas, Ho3ein, Alireza JJ, Hossein Tohi , Pishro, Dayan, Sadegh, Paydar (Erfan, Taham, GDaal, Paya), Moer, Khalseh, Shayea , Pournam and introduces three new rap artists ARA, Maslak, Diezbrothers, and Elsa. For those who live in Iran, they can pre order the album now from the album's official website:

Sasy Mankan's New Song 'Asheghe Yeki Shodam' Coming Soon

August 24, 2014 818eda8d0651a8d
Sasy Mankan, who recently released his latest video "Man Mesle Divooneham", has yet another hit track that's set to be released by Radio Javan! The song "Asheghe Yeki Shodam" is a slow, 6'8 project that he's just finished recording. The music and lyrics are by Sasy himself with arrangement done by Hossein MH. Sasy Mankan has been real busy this year with many projects and there will be many more songs ...

Coming Soon Arian Goleh's Debut Track 'Dastato Migiram'

August 23, 2014 31fafa30c154f6e
Arian Goleh is a new artist who Radio Javan will soon introduce to you with his debut track "Dastato Migiram". Arian is a music producer and sound engineer who has mixed, mastered and produced many tracks. He's currently living in Iran and has worked with many famous artists such as Yas, Aamin, and Nima Allameh. "Dastato Migiram" is a house music styled track that will be released by RJ music ...

Coming Soon Amin Marashi's New Song 'Az Bas Ke To Khoobi'

August 21, 2014 2fc13081f1c6a42
Amin Marashi has finished his music video for his song "Az Bas Ke To Khoobi" which will be premiered soon by Radio Javan! The song is an upbeat dance track that has lyrics by Maryam Asadi and has received good feedback on RJ when it was released earlier this year. The video for this song has been created and directed by Behnam Mokri. Stay tuned for the premiere on Radio ...
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