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Pedram Azad New Song "Bar Baad Rafteh" Coming Soon

March 4, 2015 1572d4a3b4e9004
Pedram Azad member of the Ways band is finishing his new song "Bar Badd Rafteh" ready to be released on Radio Javan. It's a soft rock song that feaures lyrics & music by Pedram himself with mix & mastering from Arash Pakzad. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of "Bar Baad Rafteh" very soon on Radio Javan.

Sasy's New Upbeat Track "Shans" Coming Soon

March 2, 2015 D49cca9a2c4c8a0
Following his hit tracks "Dige Nistam" and his EP album "Love? No Tnx", Sasy has finished recording a brand-new track "Shans" to be released exclusively on RJ! "Shans" is an upbeat, dance track that has lyrics and music by Sasy himself and arrangement by Navid Mirzaie. He's also working on the upcoming music video which is directed by Benta Co.  Radio Javan will present to you Sasy's upcoming project "Shans" just ...

World Premiere of Ali Pishtaz & Samir's Video "Bad Nist" Coming Soon

March 2, 2015 D22ee8e44d740a8
Radio Javan will soon present to you Ali Pishtaz & Samir's music video for their recent hit track "Bad Nist"! This house-styled track song has been a favorite song recently and has been played at many parties as well as many RJ DJ mixes. It features lyrics by Ali Pishtaz & Samir and arrangement by Amir Arshia. The video is directed and edited by Epic. We'll have the exclusive world premiere of ...

Coming Soon Armin 2AFM's New Track "Tebghe Mamool"

March 2, 2015 3b9e67d523eec2d
Armin 2AFM has finished recording his upcoming new song "Tebghe Mamool", which will be released exclusively by Radio Javan! This follows his first track in over 5 months, since his hit "Ye Salie". Armin 2AFM, whose fans are anxiously waiting new work from him, will also be making a music video for this song released during Norooz. "Tebghe Mamool" is a collaboration with Masoud Jahani, who has produced the track. ...

World Premiere of "Pir Shodim Vali Bozorg Na" Music Video Coming Soon

March 1, 2015 F3cbfce074e0105
Radio Javan is proud to soon present to you the premiere of the music video for "Pir Shodim Vali Bozorg Na", the hit track from Alireza JJ, Sijal, and Nassim's album of the same name. This highly-anticipated video has been recently filmed on location in Tours, France. It will be Alireza JJ and Sijal's second music video, following the debut of "Tehran Maserati". The "Pir Shodim Vali Bozorg Na" was one ...

Dayan's New Music Video "Bargard Be In Khoune" Coming Soon

February 26, 2015 920e0d6843a725c
Radio Javan is excited to announce a new music video by the very unique and talented Dayan! Hits such as "Hale Man Khoob Nist" and "Mano Yadet Miyad" have made Dayan one of the young artists to follow. One of his most recent hits is the song "Bargard Be In Khoune" and Sina Hosseinpour has directed and created a special video for this song. Stay tuned for the world premiere of "Bargard ...

Dariush's New Music Video "Gelayeh" Coming Soon

February 25, 2015 E88e7d5b64c7c8d
Legendary Dariush has prepared an upcoming special music video from his live concert performance of the memorable song "Gelayeh"! This classic song has lyrics written by Ardalan Sarfaraz many years ago and music by Manoucher Cheshmazar. "Gelayeh" has stood as one of Dariush's most famous hits. This will be one of the first releases of the year for Dariush as he has been recording new songs as well which we ...

World Premiere of Sasy's New Video "Dige Nistam" Coming Soon

February 19, 2015 562cc96600ec41b
Radio Javan will soon present to you Sasy's new music video for his hit track "Dige Nistasm"! The song has been one of the most played songs this past month on RJ. It features arrangement by Sasan Soorani, with lyrics and music by Sasy himself, and mix & mastering by Masoud Jahani. Sasy once again has collaborated with director Kasra Shojaei on the music video. The world premiere of "Dige ...

Coming Soon New Song 'Ham Aghoosh' by Pyruz

February 19, 2015 7b4f7523052d7f2
Pyruz has completed his new track "Ham Aghoosh" ready to be released on Radio Javan! It's an slow love song that features lyrics by Majid Azadnia, music by Pyruz, and arrangement, mix & mastering by Aidin Behzadi. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of "Ham Aghoosh" on Sunday, February 22nd.  

Coming Soon "Bozorg" By Saman Wilson and Mehrad Hidden

February 15, 2015 4ad426943a2058c
As many fans of Zedbazi already know, Saman Wilson and Mehrad Hidden have been collaborating on forming their new group Bozorg. Saman Wilson, is returning after a long absence, with singer/producer Mehrad Hidden, who both founded the group Zedbazi. Bozorg is partly an extension of the hip-hop style popularized by Zedbazi in the early 2000s. With similarities in creativity and language, it offers an energetic cross-genre sound. The name of ...

Ahmad Saeedi's New Music Video & Song "Khosh Khial" Coming Soon

February 15, 2015 1b0f434e769bf18
This past month Ahmad Saeedi has been working on finishing his first new single of 2015! This follows the success of tracks such as "Ba Man Bash" and "Nazanin" from last year. RJ will soon present to you Ahmad Saeedi's new video and song "Khosh Khial", which is a slow powerful track. It features lyrics and music by Milad Fayazi and arrangement by Mehrdad Abbasi. The music video was filmed and directed by Dajes. ...

Coming Soon New Video "Donyaie Rangi" By Behdad Karimimanesh

February 15, 2015 Badb385e07c7ed6
New artist Behdad Karimimanesh, who has a few singles already out on Radio Javan, has recently filmed a series of music videos with director Alec Cartio! The first release will be for the house-style track "Donyaie Rangi". We'll have the exclusive release for you soon on RJ, stay tuned!

World Premiere of TM Bax's New Video "Hanooz Yadame" Coming Soon

February 11, 2015 6f1f5a7377cb058
Radio Javan is proud to soon present to you the new single and music video from TM Bax's upcoming album! The group has been spent the last few months recording their new album In Donya Kafi Nist, which includes thirteen new songs. On the album they have also collaborated with some few surprise artists and it's expected to be out soon this year. But meanwhile "Hanooz Yadame" is their new song, which ...

Saeed Modarres New Song "Mna Bito" Coming Soon

February 9, 2015 Ec00949c6264de4
Saeed Modarres has finished his new project named "Man Bito", ready to be released by Radio Javan. It's a beatiful song with powerful lyrics by Roya Shakib, music & arrangement by Saeed Modarres himself. Stay tuned for the release of "Man Bito" on Tuesday, Feb 10th on RJ!

Pouya's New Track "Nadidanet Sakhteh" Coming Soon

February 8, 2015 Fe1e65c7c3060d0
Pouya has finished recording his new song "Nadidanet Sakhteh" which will be released soon on RJ! It is a slow, love song that features Pouya's unique vocals and has been made just in time for Valentine's Day. We'll have the exclusive release for you soon on Radio Javan this week, stay tuned!
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