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Arsalan's New Music Video and Song 'Baroon' Premiere Coming Soon

December 19, 2014 Bd0eb2aebcc5d9e
Radio Javan is excited to soon present to you Arsalan's new project "Baroon"! This will be Arsalan's first new project in over a year, and follows his hit tracks on RJ including "Jadeh", "Shahreh Doroogh", and "Eshtebah". "Baroon" though is a new style song that features arrangement by Milad Hashemi and music by Arsalan himself. Arsalan has been working on the music video over the last month in London, and ...

Sasy's New EP Album 'Love? No Tnx' Coming Soon

December 18, 2014 D3b755ac6d23be5
Sasy has prepared a three track EP album titled "Love? No Tnx" releasing this winter on December 24th! It features the tracks "Motasefane" arranged by Masoud Jahani, "Mano Nadid" featuring Melanie and arranged by Masoud Jahani, and "Bimare Zamini" featuring Melanie and arranged by Sasan Soorani. All the songs have are slow, love themed tracks that have music and lyrics by Sasy himself. The album will be released exclusively to you ...

World Premiere of Morteza Pashaei Official Video 'Negarane Mani' Coming Soon

December 17, 2014 463219cd1802ffb
Radio Javan will soon present to you the official music video for Morteza Pashaei's beloved song "Negarane Mani". This music video was filmed by Amin Shaker and CS Film, who also created the video for "Rooze Barfi". Morteza Pashaei, as you know, passed away last month after a long battle with cancer. His music, though, is still alive and being listened to by millions of his fans. "Negarane Mani" was ...

Coming Soon New Single 'Asemoon Azar' by The Ways

December 16, 2014 B13adcd21ddcbb4
Radio Javan will soon bring to you The Ways’ new single "Asemoon Azar". The song illustrates the mood and atmosphere of the days of Fall. In the song's story, the character is suffering from memories after a breakup. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of "Asemoon Azar" on RJ!

Pyruz New Track 'Shabe Ashegha' Coming Soon

December 13, 2014 315738b0809cb20
Pyruz has completed his new track "Shabe Ashegha" ready to be released on Radio Javan! It's an upbeat song that features lyrics & music by Pyruz, and arrangement, mix & mastering by Pejman Nikoosh. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of "Shabe Ashegha" on Monday, November 15th.

Coming Soon Sogand New 'Lifestyle' Interview

December 9, 2014 4dcbb9380b98757
This past fall, Sogand spent some time in her home area of Germany filming a unique interview project. "Lifestyle" is the creation of Farzad Nikpey who has produced the video. It takes a look at Sogand's most recent success with her hit songs "The Lom" and "Belite Yektarafe" as well as where here career first started.  The likeable and always fun Sogand shines through in this exclusive interview which we ...

Coming Soon Amin Marashi's New Video & Song 'Oonam Bezoodi'

December 8, 2014 F25d35956b12106
Radio Javan will soon bring to you to Amin Marashi's upcoming project "Oonam Bezoodi"! This is a radio-friendly, upbeat song that has lyrics by Maryam Asadi, music by Milad Baran, and arrangement by Amin Marashi himself. And for the first time, Amin Marashi is collaborating with cartoonist and music video director Hamid Sahari, whose previous videos have been featured on RJ.  "Oonam Bezoodi" is a unique project which has been ...

Shadi Amini's New Music Video And Song 'Jaadeye Shomal' Coming Soon

December 8, 2014 Ebf8e8b79a2fe76
Shadi Amini has teamed up with director Siros Kerdouni for her new music video "Jaadeye Shomal"! Her more recent hit was the video "Be Man Che" which we released on RJ and has received great feedback. But "Jaadeye Shomal" is a completely different type of song. It is a melodic house-style track that is producedy by Pouria Motabean, arranged by Hamoon Tehrani, and lyrics by Shadi herself.  "Jaadeye Shomal" was filmed ...

World Premiere of Behzad Leito's Music Video 'Doostam Hastan' Coming Soon

December 8, 2014 6275e7a5dc0cb8a
One of the most talked about albums this year has been Behzad Leito's debut Khakestari, which we was released this fall on Radio Javan. The album has many hit singles such as "Palang", "Naab" and "Adam Nemishe". But perhaps the most personal track on the album is the song "Doostam Hastan", with its raw lyrics and catchy chorus. Recently, Behzad Leito teamed up with Alireza JJ who has directed the music ...

AaMin's New Track 'Man Asheghesh Boodam' Coming Soon

December 4, 2014 C021c0cc70f633e
AaMin has finished his new single "Man Asheghesh Boodam". It is a slow song featuring lyrics by Narges Jafari, music by AaMin, and arrangement by Hamed Baradaran. "Man Asheghesh Boodam" is set to be released next week exclusively on RJ!

New Song 'Baza' by Shahrzad Coming Soon

December 3, 2014 Ab02f76c1e7b902
Shahrzad has prepared a new beautiful song "Baza" ready to be released soon on RJ! It is a happy song featuring lyrics and music by Shahrzad, and it's produced by Tim Maple. This follows Shahrzad's most recent hit songs "Dele Sange Zamooneh" and "Toro Mikham" on RJ. We will have the exclusive release of "Baza" by Shahrzad on Saturday, December 6th on Radio Javan!

Taham's New Music Video 'Midadi' Featuring Sami Beigi and Paya Coming Soon

December 3, 2014 Fa40ade393a0e09
Taham, who has been working on his upcoming album, has completed filming a new music video for "Midadi", a new hiphop track that features Sami Beigi and Paya! This unique project features some of the young talent in Persian hiphop and is sure to be a great hit. The premiere of "Midadi" will soon be on RJ, stay tuned and check out the teaser below!

Mohammad Bibak's New Video 'Ye Rooze Barfi' Coming Soon

December 3, 2014 09de964a843061e
Radio Javan is excited to release Mohammad Bibak's new video called "Ye Rooze Barfi" featuring Kamran Motiee. It's a video for hiphop-electro song that features arrangement by DJ Mavi, and lyrics by Bibak which is directed by Dario. This follows Mohammad Bibak's most recent hit on RJ "Tanham2". We'll have the exclusive release for you next week on Radio Javan, stay tuned!

Coming Soon Amir Farjam's New Song 'To Rafti'

November 30, 2014 367760a8de8b865
Amir Farjam is returning with a new song "To Rafti" set to be released by Radio Javan! It's a house-style track that features music and lyrics by "Ali Dibaj" with arrangement and mastering by Arash Abedi. This follows Amir Farjam's most recent hits on RJ "Khoshbakhti" and "Gomgashteh". We'll have the exclusive release for you this week on RJ!  

Coming Soon Mahsa Navi's New Music Video 'Tars'

November 27, 2014 Fd8c539d3c1c0ab
Radio Javan is proud to soon present to Mahsa Navi's new music video and song "Tars"! This follows Mahsa's most recent video "Madar" which we released on RJ over the summer and became a hit with the audience. "Tars" is a beautiful new song that features lyrics, music, and arrangement by KC Bondar. We will have the exclusive release of "Tars" by Mahsa Navi on Thursday, December 4th on Radio Javan, ...
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