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Justina's New Song 'Kash Donya' Coming Soon

November 21, 2014 58b73a795723513
جاستینا آهنگ جدیدی به نام "کاش دنیا" را آماده پخش دارد. این کار که برای روز جهانی مبارزه علیه خشونت  زنان آماده شده و موزیک ویدیویی نیز برای آن ساخته شده است. آهنگسازی آن را امیر بیداد و میکس مستر آن توسط میلاد نکومنش انجام شده است. این آهنگ که به سبک رپ خوانده شده، برخلاف معمول به جای بیت روی موزیک ساخته شده با تار گیتار و گیتار بیس ...

Sasy's New Music Video and Song 'Bade Man' Coming Soon

November 20, 2014 D695aa8f6309ecc
Radio Javan will soon present to you Sasy's new track and music video "Bade Man"! This is an upbeat track that's been arranged by Masoud Jahani and has lyrics and music by Sasy himself. Sasy has filmed the music video for "Bade Man" with Benta Co in Thailand, and will be one of Sasy's biggest hits of the year.  The song "Bade Man" will be released this Monday, November 24th ...

World Premiere of Leila Forouhar's New Video 'Fereshtehaye Kucholo' Coming Soon

November 20, 2014 4dfac5ee7feaa75
Radio Javan is very excited to present to you Leila Forouhar's upcoming new music video and song "Fereshtehaye Kucholo" (or "Little Angels")! This has been an important project for Leila Forouhar who is doing this in support for children across the world. The song has beautiful lyrics by Babak Sahraee and music and arrangement produced by Aref Shakouri. Leila has collaborated with Koji for this highly anticipated music video. We ...

Barad New Song 'Entegham' Coming Soon To Radio Javan

November 18, 2014 040fae7a2a9c61e
Barad is returning with an all-new hit track "Entegham" which will be released by Radio Javan! It's an upbeat house song with meaningful lyrics that has been written by Mona Borzuee. This is Barad's first collaboration with Mona Borzuee and he's arranged and produce the music himself. We're sure that this will be many of Barad's best hits. He's also working on many other projects which we will share the news soon ...

New Song 'Divar' by The Ways Coming Soon

November 12, 2014 4bb001b0301424e
"The ways" has a new song "Divar" coming soon on Radio Javan! "Divar" is a story about the patience stone of modern lives and loves. The story of people who make our memories' canvas with no expectations. Stay tuned for exclusive release of "Divar" on Saturday, November 15th on RJ!  

Coming Soon New Song 'Toro Mesle Joon' by Pyruz

November 11, 2014 71dde1ffa68b702
Pyruz has finished his new song "Toro Mesle Joon" ready to be released on Radio Javan! It's an upbeat song that features lyrics by Pyruz and Nasrin Saeidi, music by Pyruz and Ashkan, with arrangement, mix & mastering from Saeid Jera. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of "Toro Mesle Joon" on Monday, November 24th.

Sirvan Khosravi's New Song 'Khaterate To' Coming Soon

November 7, 2014 D66b0efdc04469f
Sirvan Khosravi has finally announced his highly anticipated new song "Khaterate To", which will be released exclusively on Tuesday, November 11th! This is Sirvan's first major track of the year so far besides the hit "70 Million Setareh" which he performed with Xaniar for the World Cup. He has also made for the first time his track available for pre-order for those who wish to purchase it before the release, ...

Siavash's New Remix For His Hit Track 'Nafas' Coming Soon

November 6, 2014 41b15bef5cff23a
Siavash has finished a new remix for his hit song "Nafas", which was released a few years ago on RJ and received great feedback. The remix is an upbeat house and club-type arranged version that will be released soon, stay tuned!

Ahmad Saeedi's New Music Video and Track 'Mishe Bargardi' Coming Soon

November 5, 2014 8b195fc33f013bf
Radio Javan once again is working with Ahmad Saeedi on his upcoming new project "Mishe Bargardi"! It's arranged by Mehrdad Abbasi with music and lyrics by Milad Fayyazi. Ahmad Saeedi has collaborated with talented young producers in Iran in making this video. Ahmad Saeedi's biggest hits on RJ include "Shadidan" and "Halam Khoobe", which are constantly used by RJ DJs on numorous podcasts. "Mishe Bargardi" will world premiere on Radio ...

Coming Soon The Premiere of Armin 2AFM's New Video 'Ye Salie'

November 5, 2014 632b9a8db91a5f1
As promised, the new music video for Armin 2AFM's latest hit "Ye Salie" is ready for release by Radio Javan! The song came out a few weeks ago and has become one of the most listened to songs on RJ this past month. It features arrangement by Masoud Jahani and strong lyrics by Armin himself. The music video directed by Peyman Derakhshan and has been filmed the last few weeks ...

World Premiere of Moein's NEW Video & Song 'To Ke Tamame Donyami' Coming Soon

October 31, 2014 23ad11976e49b59
Radio Javan is proud to announce Moein's upcoming new music video and song "To Ke Tamame Donyami"! Moein has been working on the music video for this upbeat 6'8 hit song the last few months in London with director Amir Taherian. Babak Zarrin has written the music for this song that features lyrics by Hamidreza Samadi and arrangement by Payam Toni.  This will be legendary Moein's third new song this ...

Mehrnoosh's New Song and Video 'Mobtala' Coming Soon

October 28, 2014 Cde2a0694c5abdd
One of the young talents in Persian music, Mehrnoosh, is once again collaborating with Siros Kerdouni for her upcoming music video "Mobtala", which will be brought to you by Radio Javan! The song is written and arranged by Jamal Khoddami who has worked on many of Mehrnoosh's hit songs. "Mobtala" has an upbeat melody but combined with deep lyrics, and Siros Kerdouni has taken a unique view of the song ...

New Track By Pyruz 'Tazahor' Coming Soon

October 24, 2014 14491d2bc9c191c
Pyruz has a new track "Tazahor" ready to be released on Radio Javan! It's a slow song that features lyrics by Majid Azadnia, music by Pyruz himself, and arrangement, mix & mastering by Pejman Nikoosh. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of "Tazahor" on Tuedsay, October 28th.

World Premiere of Alireza JJ, Sijal, and Nassim's "Tehran Maserati" Music Video Coming Soon

October 15, 2014 376c96712566b6f
Radio Javan is proud to present to you Alireza JJ, Sijal, and Nassim's highly anticipated music video "+3:30 Tehran Maserati" featuring Behzad Leito! This has been a project in the works for a long time and will be the first ever music video by these talented artists. The music video is directed by Majid Farahbod, who has been working on the video the last few months. "Tehran Maserati" was the ...

World Premiere of Kamyar's New Music Video "Ashegh Mimoonam" Coming Soon

October 14, 2014 44d9afce5618229
Ever since Kamyar started his career as a solo artist, he has been known to make some of the most innovative and unique music videos. Just to name a few, "Ey Jaan", "Nazdike Man", "Nemidoonam" earned him a spot as one of the top most original music videos on Radio Javan. Finally Kamyar and talented video director Behnam Mokri, found the right project and opportunity to collaborate on their first ...
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