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Coming Soon Shervin's New Song "Shaghayegh"

April 23, 2015 A9fe4c61333022a
Shervin, who recently released his new song "Yar Mara", has finished recording his new track "Shaghayegh". It's a pop/classic song that features lyrics by Mostafa Zanouli, and arrangement by Yasin Torki. Radio Javan will have exclusive release of Shervin's new track "Shaghayegh" very soon on Radio Javan!

Masoud Saeedi's New Song "Khatereha" Coming Soon

April 22, 2015 3800252bbaa660c
Masoud Saeedi has just finished recording his new song "Khatereha". It's a beautiful slow song that we are sure you will enjoy it. It features lyrics by Masoud Saeedi & Ramin Kasraei, music by Masoud Saeedi himself, and arrangement by Behrouz Mirzaee. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of "Khatereha" on Monday, April 27th on RJ!  

Coming Soon Masih & Arash AP's New Track "Golaro Aab Midam"

April 22, 2015 Cac2b977adf8bd4
Masih & Arash AP who have several hits on Radio Javan including "Divoone Var", "Dige Divoonam", "Mane", return with their new exciting project "Golaro Aab Midam". This song is from their upcoming debut album, and it's written and composed by these two talented artists. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of "Golaro Aab Midam" soon on Radio Javan!

Coming Soon Amin Marashi's New Video 'Shirin'

April 21, 2015 41be70301b6a7a1
Radio Javan will soon bring to you Amin Marashi's upcoming video "Shirin"! The song is released earlier in March which received a good feedback. It's a dance song that has lyrics by Maryam Asadi, music by Milad Baran, and arrangement by Behrouz Aliyari. For the music video, Amin Marashi is collaborating with director Behnam Mokri. Stay tuned for the world premiere of Amin Marashi's new video on Friday, May 1st! ...

Khalse's New Track "Siah Mese Barf" With JJ, Sijal, and Leito Coming Soon

April 20, 2015 Ea6e583445c606b
Up-and-coming new rap artist, Sepehr Khalse, has been recording his debut album which is being produced by Alireza JJ. The new single "Siah Mese Barf" featuring Alireza JJ, Sijal, and Behzad Leito will soon be released exclusively by RJ! It's a commercial hiphop song that we're sure is going to be a big hit. Khalse has had a few well-received projects already including the video "Fekro Khial" and his unique rapping ...

Coming Soon The Ways New Music Video & Track "Rikhto Pash"

April 20, 2015 27864ec22227e59
Radio Javan will soon present to you The Ways upcoming new project "Rikhto Pash"! The rock band have been working on finishing their music video which is directed by Abas Beheshti. The Ways have had many successful tracks on RJ before including "Divar", "Ghesseye Zirzamin", and most recently "Asemoone Azar". This will be yet another unique and creative project that fans of Persian rock music will enjoy. We'll have the ...

New Video "Haz Kardam" by Shahrokh Coming Soon

April 17, 2015 8eb0073b50a0042
Shahrokh has a new music video for his song "Haz Kardam", which was released last year on Radio Javan! It's a beautiful song that features music & arrangement by Mohamad Kelassi Bahar, and lyrics by Masoud Khodabandehloo with mix & mastering from Kamyar Khosravi. The music video is directed by Koji that will be premiered soon exclusively on Radio Javan!  

TM Bax New Song "Befarma" With Sharomin Coming Soon

April 15, 2015 24a33b08a506a97
TM Bax, who have released a few singles this year so far from their upcoming album, have another track prepared this time featuring Sharomin! "Befarma" is a club hit that features a unique arrangement making it irresistible. Sharomin, who recently had the hit "Masto Kharab" on RJ, sings as part of the chorus on the track. "Befarma" follows the groups most recent song "Babak Zanjani", which received positive feedback. Stay tuned ...

Mansour's New Music Video & Song "Bavar Nemikardam" Premiere Coming Soon

April 10, 2015 1577edf2fd6d05f
Fresh from the dance hit "Ahay Divooneh", Mansour is finishing his new upcoming project, a powerful and very emotional song "Bavar Nemikardam"! Radio Javan will soon present this music video and song to you which has lyrics by Babak Rouzbeh, music by Shahin Khosroabadi, and arrangement by Pooria Niakan. Mansour has again collaborated with director Ali Zamani on a creative and unique music video. This will be a project that Mansour himself is ...

New Song "Hanooz Hamoonam" by Sadegh Coming Soon

April 7, 2015 7752f21e3a2d6d5
We have a good news for Sadegh's fans, he has finished his new song "Hanooz Hamoonam" ready to be released soon on Radio Javan. The song is dubstep/rap and it features lyrics by Sadegh himself, and music by Epicure Band. Stay tuned for exclusive release of "Hanooz Hamoonam" Sunday, April 12th on RJ!  

World Premiere of Dariush's New Video & Song "Shabe Akhar" Coming Soon

April 4, 2015 7065d8e22f07105
Radio Javan is very excited to announce the new project by the iconic and legendary artist, Dariush! After last summer's release of "Dobareh Baz Khaham Gasht", Dariush returns with an all new song and music video, and what a great song this is. "Shabe Akhar" is a lovely, romantic song that is the work of two long-time collaborators of Dariush. Ardalan Sarfaraz has written the beautiful lyrics and Farid Zoland ...

Coming Soon Masoud Darvish's New Video "Rade Pa"

April 2, 2015 26035c214f25a38
Taraneh Records will soon present Masoud Darvish's new music video "Rade Pa", which is an upbeat dance song fitting for the new year. Masoud Darvish has worked with director Koji on the music video for this project. "Rade Pa" will soon premiere on Radio Javan next week, stay tuned for the release!

World Premiere of Yas's "Mosafer" New Video & Song Coming Soon

April 2, 2015 6ecfaccb0f63ae6
Just last month, Yas released one of his most talked about tracks ever, the very powerful "Bad Shodam". It's easily has been the most popular new song on RJ recently and has been praised by many of Yas's fans. And now Radio Javan is excited to announce "Mosafer", the upcoming new video and song that Yas has been working on. "Mosafer" is an introspective song that features meaningful lyrics and ...

World Premiere of Hossein Tohi's New Video "Man Balam" Coming Soon

March 31, 2015 78923a99d19fe74
Radio Javan will soon present to you Hossein Tohi's music video for the song "Man Balam"! The music video is a special effects heavy production that matches the intensity of the song's beat and music. It's certainly a unique video and follows Tohi's most recent project hit "Roya".  We'll have the exclusive world premiere of "Man Balam" for you on Friday, April 3rd, for now enjoy the teaser!

Hatef's New Song "Ravayat" Coming Soon

March 30, 2015 8d7d8abeec98d5c
Hatef has completed his new album Harir, with a handful of beautiful romantic numbers of his own lyrics and compositions. The album features the collaboration with such legends such as Iraj e Jannati Ataie and Manouchehr Cheshmazar. Most of the arrangements belong to the talented song writer Ramon Abdeshou. Barbad Bayat, the son of the legendary Babak Bayat, also lends couple of tasteful arrangements to this album. "Ravayat" is the ...
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