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Armin 2AFM's New Mega-Hit 'Na Tabestoon, Na Paeez' Coming Soon

July 24, 2014 C9f02492d572a1b
Following his hit tracks "Chi Shod, Seda Ghat Shod" and "Cheghad Khoobe", Armin 2AFM has just finished recording his new song which is being released by Radio Javan label! "Na Tabestoon, Na Paeez" is the title of his new song which is arranged by Masoud Jahani. This is expected to be yet another successful and popular project, and Armin is also shooting the music video for this track too. We'll ...

New Song 'Filme Kootah' by Amirali Bahadori Coming Soon

July 21, 2014 F3761cad870fcfe
Amirali Bahadori has finished his new song called "Filme Kootah" is ready to be released exclusively by RJ. It's featuring music and lyrics by Amirali Bahadori himself, arrangement by Arshia with mix & mastering from Peyman Mirzaei. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of Amirali Bahadori's new song "Filme Kootah" on Radio Javan, coming soon!

Coming Soon New Song 'Cheshmaye Royaei' by Xaniar

July 21, 2014 37adf9ac4363939
We are excited to announce Xaniar's brand new song "Cheshmaye Royaei" is ready to be released exclusively by Radio Javan. It's an upbeat song featuring music and lyrics by Xaniar & Amirali Bahadori, arrangement by Xaniar & Amir Milad Nikzad and with mix & mastering from Sirvan Khosravi. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of Xaniar's new song "Cheshmaye Royaei" by RJ, coming soon!

Hamid Talebzadeh's New Video 'Faghat Khodetoro Eshghe' Coming Soon

July 20, 2014 8b667e9faf70c79
Radio Javan is proud to present to you Hamid Talebzadeh's new song and music video "Faghat Khodetoro Eshghe"! Hamid has recorded a really upbeat, 6'8 track with music and arrangement by Saeid Jera and lyrics by Amir Shirazi. "Faghat Khodetoro Eshghe" is a catchy song that we're sure you will enjoy hearing and dancing to at parties. Hamid has teamed up with Alex Ferra, who has directed the music video ...

+3:30 (Tehran Maserati), The New Song By Alireza JJ, Sijal, Nassim, and Behzad Leito Coming Soon

July 9, 2014 B7f2693b2532f54
The highly-anticipated second new single from Zedbazi members Alireza JJ, Sijal, and Nassim that features Behzad Leito is finally ready for release! "+3:30" or also known as "Tehran Maserati" is an upbeat, commercial track that features Sijal, Behzad Leito, and Alireza JJ rapping on the track with Nassim's unique vocals singing throughout. This project has been in the works for some time with Alireza JJ leading the production. We're very ...

Coming Soon Sina Hejazi's New Song 'Aay Del'

July 8, 2014 1c59a83587e63f6
Now that it's the middle of summer, Sina Hejazi has recorded a perfect summer song called "Aay Del". It's a rhythmic upbeat track for which Sina himself has written the lyrics and music, as well as having done the arrangement. We are quite excited to release this track for you by Radio Javan this week. This follows Sina's latest hit songs "Zan" and "Yani Sobh Shode". Stay tuned for "Aay ...

Ahmad Saeedi's New Song and Video 'Nazanin' Coming Soon

July 2, 2014 24fe9b1f5c8c959
Radio Javan is excited to work with Ahmad Saeedi on his upcoming new project "Nazanin"! It's an upbeat summer song that is arranged by Milad Hashemi with music and lyrics by Milad Fayyazi. Ahmad Saeedi has once again collaborated with director Alex Ferra on this video, which they have worked hard to complete recently. Ahmad Saeedi's biggest hits on RJ include "Shadidan" and "Halam Khoobe", both which viewers to RJ ...

World Premiere of Dariush's New Video Soon

June 29, 2014 E64abcb095ff61e
Radio Javan is proud to present Dariush's upcoming music video for his latest hit single "Dobareh Baz Khaham Gasht". Featuring lyrics by Ardalan Sarfaraz, music by Farid Zoland, and arrangement by Ali Elahi, 'Dobareh Baz Khaham Gasht' has been one of RJ's most popular songs since being released on June 24th. The music video for "Dobareh Baz Khaham Gasht" has been produced and directed by Aslan Hafezi. The video is ...

Coming Soon Naser Zeynal's New Track 'Eshghe Man Kiye'

June 28, 2014 B243953fe0c988b
Following his hit song "Mage Hast" this past spring, Naser Zeynali has recorded a new song for the summer, to be released by RJ music label! It's titled "Eshghe Man Kiye" and features lyrics by Pouria Motabean, music by Naser Zeynali, and arrangement by Farbod Foroughi. We're sure it's going to be yet another beautiful song by Naser that you will enjoy listening to on repeat. Stay tuned for the ...

Coming Soon TM Bax's New Track 'Mano Vel Kon'

June 24, 2014 B858436f4180f98
Following up with what will be their 3rd new song in recent weeks, TM Bax has their new track 'Mano Vel Kon' ready for release! It's a well-produced track perfect for the summer, which we think you will enjoy. The group recently had their hit video "Divoone Sho" on RJ as well as their song for the World Cup, "Parchamo Bede Bala". Stay tuned for TM Bax's new release coming soon, ...

Sijal, Alireza JJ, and Nassim's Album 'Pir Shodim Vali Bozorg Na' Coming This Summer

June 22, 2014 5daa3db4b406ab5
The long awaited and announced album by Zebazi members Sijal, Alireza JJ, and Nassim is set to be released this summer! Pir Shodim Vali Bozorg Na is in the final stages of which should be a hit and popular album. It features Behzad Leito and Cornellaa on many of the tracks of the album, which Alireza JJ is leading the production. The first single from the album "Pesare Bad", which also featured ...

Omid's New Music Video & Song 'Khosh Ghadam' Coming Soon

June 20, 2014 8d3913c0439b61a
Omid has a new music video being completed for his next single "Khosh Ghadam", an upbeat track that's from King Records. WIth this song, Omid has teamed up with Schubert Avakian for the arrangement and Babak Roozbeh for lyrics. This will be Omid's first song of the year, and follows up his mega-hit "We Are One" project with Modern Talking from last summer. Check out the teaser below and stay ...

Coming Soon New Video 'Taskin' By Vahid

June 15, 2014 Ea3470bb7073ffe
New artist Vahid has an upcoming music video and song which is set to be released soon. It's a slow, love song that is accompanied with a music video by director Behnam Mokri. Check out the teaser below and stay tuned for the release.

Dariush's New Song & Video 'Dobareh Baz Khaham Gasht' Coming Soon

June 11, 2014 027682bcd202e47
The legendary Dariush has been working on a brand-new song called "Dobareh Baz Khaham Gasht"! Radio Javan is proud to present to you the music video and song this summer in June. This beautiful song features Dariush working again with long-time collaborators Ardalan Sarfaraz for lyrics and Farid Zoland for the music. "Dobareh Baz Khaham Gasht" is arranged by Ali Elahi, who is the musical director of Dariush's live band.  ...

World Premiere of Armin 2AFM's New Video Coming Soon

June 9, 2014 Ff46e459ddb9d8a
The release of Armin 2AFM's most recent song has been one of the most played songs on RJ with nearly over 2 million plays. Now the highly anticipated music video for "Chi Shod, Seda Ghat Shod" is finally ready for release. Armin has been working on the music video for the last month and now we're excited to announce the release date of Saturday, June 14th! We expect it to ...
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