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Behzad Leito's New Album 'Khaakestari' Coming Soon

October 1, 2014 4b4e42326f0a6d8
Behzad Leito's long anticipated debut album Khaakestari is finally ready for release! The album will be released by Radio Javan on October 10th and has been executively produced by Alireza JJ. There will be over ten new tracks on the album including the mega-hit songs "Naab" and "Sakht Migzareh". The album's production style is new school with a lot of singing and auto tune, combined with many nostlagic themed songs. "Palang" ...

World Premiere of Sogand's New Video 'The Lom' Coming Soon

September 29, 2014 50735a77f49a834
Radio Javan is proud to once again collaborate with Sogand on her upcoming new music video 'The Lom'! This has been an amazing year for Sogand so far with her mega-hits "Bilite Yektarafe" and "Yadete" videos with Erfan. And now Sogand is raising the bar again with another unique project that will be part of her debut album. Her soulful voice on this track, which is produced by Mjoobi and Poobon, ...

Ali Kiani's New Track 'Ma Paeez Nadarim' Coming Soon

September 29, 2014 632c5aa369ea71d
Radio Javan is excited to bring you Ali Kiani's all-new song "Ma Paeez Nadarim"! This follows his previous songs "One & Only" and "Frozen", which received many positive feedbacks. The new song is produced with mix and mastering by Ali Kiani himself. It's a Persian upbeat song, that we're sure you will enjoy. Stay tuned for the exclusive release on Friday, October 3rd!

Coming Soon New Song 'Zarabane Ghalb' by Pyruz

September 28, 2014 78560e66c43ed66
Pyruz has finished his new song "Zarabane Ghalb" ready to be released on Radio Javan! It's a dance song that features lyrics and music by Pyruz himself, and arrangement by Ramon, with mix & mastering from Aidin Behzadi. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of "Zarabane Ghalb" soon on RJ!

Milad Baran's New Upbeat Song 'Divooneh Var' Coming Soon

September 27, 2014 720706bb05c6917
Milad Baran has been working on his upcoming project "Divooneh Var" which is an upbeat track that will be released by Radio Javan! The song has arrangement by Mehran Abbasi, lyrics by Pejvak Entezari, and music of course by Milad Baran himself. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of Milad Baran's "Divooneh Var" soon on RJ!

Armin 2AFM's New Track 'Ye Salie' Coming Soon

September 27, 2014 014201a8959ad44
Radio Javan will soon present to you Armin 2AFM's brand-new song "Ye Salie"! This is Armin 2AFM's 4th new song this year following the success of "Chegad Khoobe", "Chi Shod, Seda Ghat Shod", and "Na Tabestoon, Na Paaez". "Ye Salie" is arranged by Masoud Jahani, and is a sad, emotional track which Armin just finished recording. We'll have the exclusive release for you on Wednesday at 7PM Tehran time, stay ...

Helen's New Track 'Hess' Coming Soon Exclusively To RJ

September 26, 2014 30b0281d52f0064
Helen has been busy working on new upcoming projects and her first track is the soulful track "Hess" which will be released by RJ! It features lyrics by Babak Sahraei and music and arrangement by Rasha Taghipour. Helen's beautiful and distinguishable voice makes this a great song that we're sure her fans are looking forward to. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of Helen's song "Hess" soon on Radio Javan!

Shahrokh's New Song 'Deldadeh' Coming Soon

September 25, 2014 F2bd389be22c0ff
Shahrokh has a new song "Deldadeh" ready to be released on Radio Javan! It's a beautiful 6'8 song that features lyrics by Amir Tajalli, music by Shahrokh himself, arrangement by Mohammad Kelassi Bahar, and guitar by Behnam Hakim with mix & mastering from Kamyar Khosravi. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of "Deldadeh" soon on RJ!

Amir Farjam's New Song 'Gomgashteh' Coming Soon

September 21, 2014 Fea0da6c6edcfc2
Amir Farjam will be releasing his new song "Gomgashteh" soon exclusively on Radio Javan! It's an upbeat/classic track featuring lyrics by Navid Ghiasi, and melody & arrangement by Amir Farjam. We'll have it soon for you on RJ, stay tuned.

Coming Soon New Album "Kahkeshaniha" Featuring Arvin Saheb

September 17, 2014 5923a69ebb5f721
آلبوم «کهکشانی ها» به زودی و با سبکی متفاوت در آلبوم‌های گروهی به زودی منتشر خواهد شد. در این آلبوم «آروین صاحب» به عنوان خواننده اصلی حضور دارد و با هرکدام از خوانندگان دیگر در یک قطعه به همخوانی پرداخته است. «رضا صادقی»، «بنیامین بهادری»، «حمید عسکری»، «مهدی یراحی»، «علی اصحابی»، «فرزان ملک‌زاده» و «اشکان ملک‌زاده» سایر خوانندگان این مجموعه هستند. ترانه های قطعات این مجموعه از سروده های «روزبه ...

Hatef's New Single 'Otagh' Coming Soon

September 16, 2014 E0beef8fb106d52
Hatef's upcoming single Otaagh (The Room) is a poetic gesture that highlights his unique genre. In the next couple of singles on the way Hatef honors works of the new generation of artists rising from Iran. Being a song writer of almost all of his releases he collaborates this time with young and talented song writers and  composers from inside Iran to stay closer in touch with the overwhelming young and ...

Coming Soon Amir Acid's New Video & Song 'Ghalbam Tond Mitape'

September 14, 2014 9a47db65d48add8
Amir Acid has teamed up with director Majid Farahabod for his upcoming video and song which is set to be released by Radio Javan! "Ghalbam Tond Mitape" is an upbeat dance song that's arranged by Amir himself and has lyrics by Parsalip. Stay tuned for the release soon on RJ!

Ali Pahlavan's Solo Song 'Khaterehaye Soot o Koor' Coming Soon

September 14, 2014 5421ca3a22529a0
Ali Pahlavan, the lead singer of popular Arian Band has finished recording of his first ever solo work called "Khaterehaye Soot o Koor" ready to be released soon on Radio Javan. It is featuring music & lyrics by Ali Pahlavan himself, arrangement by Ninef Amirkhas with mix & mastering from Amir Tafreshi. Stay tuned for exclusive release of "Khaterehaye Soot o Koor" on Wednesday, Sep 17th.

Exclusive World Premiere of Siavash Ghomayshi's 'Mohabat' Coming Soon

September 11, 2014 E5a09bca0c001c6
Radio Javan is proud to present to you legendary Siavash Ghomayshi's upcoming new music video and song "Mohabat"! This is the first of two projects that Siavash Ghomayshi will be releasing this Fall. His projects have always been highly anticipated with his fans and "Mohabat" is turning out to be a masterful song that we can't wait to release for you. Siavash has recently finished filming the music video and ...

Morteza Pashaei's New Song 'Roozhaye Sakht' Coming Soon

September 10, 2014 2971f412f08e3b2
Following his mega-hit song "Negarane Mani" and the recent upbeat song "Ghablam Roo Tekrare", Morteza Pashaei has a brand-new track ready which will be released like before on Radio Javan! "Roozhaye Sakht" has lyrics by Mehrzad Amirkhani, who has written all of Morteza's lyrics, and the music is produced by Morteza himself. We'll have Morteza Pashaei's new anticipated song "Roozhaye Sakht" exclusively for you on Saturday, September 13th, stay tuned!
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