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Mehdi Asadi's New Video & Song "Hesse Baroon" Coming Soon

March 24, 2015 84a219d730b0d1b
Mehdi Asadi has completed his new video and song "Hesse Baroon" that is ready to be released very soon on Radio Javan! It's a beautiful song that features lyrics and music by Navid Mirzaie & Mohammad Ramezi, and arrangement by Navid Mirzaie. This video is filmed in Tehran by Urwis team. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of "Hesse Baroon" on Radio Javan!

TM Bax New Hit Video & Song 'Babak Zanjani' Coming Soon

March 21, 2015 C249b6d4d0e5d66
Radio Javan is proud to present to you TM Bax's new music video and song "Babak Zanjani" coming soon! This is following on their recent hits on RJ including "Hanooz Yadame" and "To o Pool", and this is one of their most interesting works yet. The music video, directed by Nability, which we think you will enjoy it. Stay tuned for the world premiere of "Babak Zanjani" by TM Bax, exclusively ...

Navid Rasti's Dance Track "Tazmin" Coming Soon

March 17, 2015 Bcfdd2eceaf9f4c
Navid Rasti, whose had many dance hits on RJ including "Emshab" and "Emroozeh", has prepared a brand new song for this year's Persian New Year! The track "Tazmin" is an upbeat dance song that we're sure you wil enjoy hearing right in time for Norooz. Stay tuned for the exclusive release soon on Radio Javan!

World Premiere of Armin 2AFM's Video "Tebghe Mamool" Coming Soon

March 14, 2015 Db7988d5f6d5558
Armin 2AFM's new video for his most recent hit "Tebghe Mamool" is coming soon! The song which was released just a few weeks ago and arranged by Masoud Jahani has already become a popular track on RJ. Radio Javan will be presenting the music video on Monday, March 16th at 10PM Tehran time! Stay tuned for the world premiere.

Coming Soon 'The Song of Pardis' Album By Pardis For Children

March 13, 2015 40fe361ae1d11c8
“The Songs of Pardis” In the joyful spirit of Norouz, Pardis for Children, Inc has a special gift for your family! Listen and Download a complimentary song from their debut music album, The Songs of Pardis, scheduled for release in April 2015. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD “NOROUZ SONG” NOROUZ Album: The Songs of Pardis Vocals by Hani Niroo Music and Lyrics by Negar Behbahani Arranged and Produced by Salmak Khaledi ...

Coming Soon New Song "Eshtebah Bood" by Arian Goleh

March 12, 2015 Fb42499a788c5e3
Arian Goleh, who Radio Javan introduced to you with his debut track "Dastato Migiram", has finished his new song "Eshtebah Bood". He dedicated his new track to his brother who sadly passed away recently. Arian had a good memories with his brother when they were working on this project. It's a pop/rock song that features arrangement by Arian himself, and lyrics & melody by Arian & Amirali Bahadori. Stay tuned ...

World Premiere of Googoosh's New Music Video "Akse Khosoosi" Coming For Norooz

March 12, 2015 337f4f5cf75f4a6
Legendary Googoosh, who just released her music video and song "Eshgh" on Radio Javan, will have her next video and song "Akse Khosoosi" ready for Norooz! This song has lyrics by Babak Sahraee and music by Nickan, who also worked on making the song "Eshgh" along with other songs from Googoosh's album. The music video was filmed in Bahamas and Los Angeles with director Vahik Pirhamzei. "Akse Khosoosi" will be one ...

Shohreh's New Song "Taghvim" Coming Soon

March 10, 2015 Efa6a652e28705b
Radio Javan will soon present to you Shohreh's upcoming project "Taghvim"! As one of the beloved artists whose had many hits throughout the years, Shohreh has prepared a new song for the upcoming Persian New Year. She has collaborated with Babak Sahraee who has written the lyrics for this beautiful song that has music by Amirabas Hasanzadeh and arrangement by Mllad Akbari. "Taghvim" is an upbeat style track with meaningful lyrics that we ...

Coming Soon Yas's New Track "Bad Shodam"

March 10, 2015 A0fc826b619edc9
Radio Javan is excited to announce the new song by Yas, which he has been working on finishing these last few weeks! "Bad Shodam" is a powerful song that Yas has written with many personal lyrics. This will be Yas's first new song since the fall, and many of his fans have been anxiously waiting for his new songs. The track is produced by Saeed Shams with mix and mastering ...

Coming Soon New Song "Eyd" by Pyruz

March 8, 2015 505b35628a72231
Pyruz has completed his new track for Norooz season "Eyd" that is ready to be released very soon on Radio Javan! It's a beautiful song that features lyrics by Mohsen Haghnazari & Pyruz, music by Mohammad Abedini, and arrangement by Pyruz himself. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of "Eyd" just before Norooz on RJ!  

Eddie Attar's Upcoming New Dance Hit "Sargardoon"

March 6, 2015 D00d568d5df2ffd
Radio Javan is proud to soon present to you Eddie Attar's new hit "Sargardoon", to be releaesd for Norooz! We can promise you that this is so far one of the year's best upbeat dance tracks that you will be sure to enjoy. It features music by Eddie himself, lyrics by Golnaz Golzari, and arrangement by Ali Nia. "Sargardoon" features a sexy music video that Eddie has just finished wrapping ...

Coming Soon Barad's New Hit Song "Havato Daram" For Norooz

March 6, 2015 E4f2abf52470b1b
Get ready for a special track by Barad prepared for you just in time for Norooz! Barad's upcoming song is the upbeatt "Havato Daram", which will be brought to you by Radio Javan! It features lyrics, arrangement, and music by Barad himself. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of "Havato Daram" in the next few days on RJ!

Gelareh Sheibani's New Video & Song "Az Negahe Man" Coming Soon

March 4, 2015 55a064a5465bddc
Gelareh Sheibani, whose hits include the song "Nagoo Tanhaie", has finished up her new video and song to be released by Radio Javan! "Az Negahe Man" features music and lyrics by Gelareh herself and arrangement by Pejman Nikoosh. It's an upbeat house-styled track and we'll have it for you soon just in time for Norooz. On this project Gelareh has collaboared with director Behnam Mokri to make the music video. Stay ...

Pedram Azad's New Song "Bar Baad Rafteh" Coming Soon

March 4, 2015 1572d4a3b4e9004
Pedram Aza, who is a member of the band The Ways, is finishing his new song "Bar Badd Rafteh" ready to be released on Radio Javan. It's a pop/rock song that feaures lyrics & music by Pedram himself with mix & mastering from Arash Pakzad. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of "Bar Baad Rafteh" very soon on Radio Javan.

Sasy's New Upbeat Track "Shans" Coming Soon

March 2, 2015 D49cca9a2c4c8a0
Following his hit tracks "Dige Nistam" and his EP album "Love? No Tnx", Sasy has finished recording a brand-new track "Shans" to be released exclusively on RJ! "Shans" is an upbeat, dance track that has lyrics and music by Sasy himself and arrangement by Navid Mirzaie. He's also working on the upcoming music video which is directed by Benta Co.  Radio Javan will present to you Sasy's upcoming project "Shans" just ...
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