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New Song "Dige Tamome" By Diana Coming Soon

June 30, 2015 7a77a30fb77164b
New artist Diana, who recently had the well-received song and video "Farar", has worked on a beautiful new song "Dige Tamoome" set to be released by Radio Javan! It's an emotional love song that features lyrics and music by Pouria Motabean and arrangement by Siavash Sadri. From what we've heard, we think it will be a real refreshing song that you will enjoy. Stay tuned for the exclusive release soon ...

Puzzle Band's New Track "Mikhandam" Coming Soon

June 29, 2015 Da3abfe3e6b3104
Following successful hits "Baroonaye Nam Nam" and "Cheshm Cheshm" released by Radio Javan, Puzzle Band is working on a new song "Mikhandam". It is a slow and beautiful song featuring lyrics by Mehrzad Amirkhani, and music & Arrangement by Puzzle Band. Stay tuned for exclusive release of Puzzle Band's upcoming song "Mikhandam" this week on Radio Javan!

Majid Farahbod's New Video "Zire Noore Aftab" Coming Soon

June 28, 2015 1e1cd6c923625c2
Majid Farahbod, known for his many hit music videos as a director, also has been recording songs as an artist. His most recently song "Zire Noore Aftab" was released last week on RJ. It's a fun, upbeat song that he also has finished the music video for. The music video, which also features Shoeib Arab, is a perfect summer video. Stay tuned for the exclusive world premiere by Radio Javan soon!

Saeed Kermani's New Track "Khabare Haleto" Coming Soon

June 25, 2015 985dc087b6e2e6f
Saeed Kermani, whose last song was the hit "Hey Migam Asheghetam", has finished recording his new song "Khabare Haleto", a fresh upbeat new song just in time for summer time. It's arranged by Amir Arshia and has music and lyrics by Saeed Kermani himself, with mix and mastering from Hamed Baradaran. The song will be released by RJ label and we'll have it for you soon, stay tuned!

Soroush Tehrani's Debute Track "Shate Akhar" Coming Soon

June 22, 2015 Dc4772cb9cbfab6
Soroush Tehrani a new artist who got first in the first season of Googoosh Music Academy's tv show, has finished his debue song "Shate Akhar". The track will be released by Radio Javan and features lyrics by Hasan Alishiri and music by Soroush himself, arrangement by Armin Sepidar, with mix and mastering from Ramin Ebrahimi. Stay tuned for Soroush's new track "Shate Akhar" soon on RJ!

Mehrnoosh Returns With New Song "Enkar" Coming Soon

June 22, 2015 39bec68e066285a
Mehrnoosh has an all new song preprared as she is returning with the single "Enkar"! This song is arranged by Jamal Khoddami, with lyrics by Ariazad and music by Binaam. We'll have the exclusive release of Mehrnoosh's "Enkar" soon on RJ!  

Shahrokh's New Track 'Gharib' Coming Soon

June 16, 2015 D469f71ace27479
Shahrokh has a new song "Gharib" ready to be released on Radio Javan! It's a beautiful slow song that features lyrics by Masoud Tehrani, music by Hossein Vaseghi, arrangement and guitar by Farid Faraz, with mix & mastering from Far Band. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of "Gharib" on Sunday June 21st on RJ!  

Babak Taslimi's New Song "Heyfe" Coming Soon

June 16, 2015 408a3204598ad87
Babak Taslimi has finished recording his new song "Heyfe" ready to be released soon. It is Babak's very first slow song that features lyrics by Hamed Rajabi, music by Ashkan Khashaei, arrangement by Mehran Khalesi & Behzad Abdollahi, with mix & mastering from Arash Pakzad, we are sure you will enjoy this beatiful track. Stay tuned for exclusive release of Babak Taslimi's new song on Saturday, June 20th on RJ!  

Majid Farahbod's New Song "Zire Noore Aftab" Coming Soon

June 10, 2015 E7cdda3bfe718e5
Majid Farahbod has finished recording of his new song "Zire Noore Aftab" featuring Soheib Arab. It's a rap/pop song that is perfect for summer mood, and it features rap lyrics by Majid Farahbod himself, and arrangement by Soheib Arab. Staty tuned for the exclusive release of "Zire Noore Aftab" very soon on Radio Javan!  

Melanie's New Song "Asheghtar Misham" Coming Soon

June 8, 2015 C6141a187723f36
We're happy to announce that Melanie has an upcoming new song to be released soon! Following her hit collaborations with artists such as Armin 2AFM and Sasy, Melanie released her debut single "Chera Man" last year which went on to become a hit with over 2 million plays on RJ. And now after some absence, she's ready for her new song "Asheghtar Misham"! This new project features lyrics and music ...

Coming Soon Pyruz's New Music Video & Song "Emshab Dobareh"

June 7, 2015 47a5c07e4aa4076
Pyruz has been working on finishing his upcoming new project and song which will be brought to you by Radio Javan! "Emshab Dobareh" is an upbeat house-styled track that features the music and arrangement of Aidin Behzadi with lyrics by Hamed Moosavi. The music video is a club-themed video that matches the fast-paced song.  We'll have the exclusive world premiere of Pyruz's project "Emshab Dobareh" this week on RJ!

World Premiere of Armin 2AFM's Music Video "Nisti" Coming Soon

June 7, 2015 B866bc5e36a8263
Radio Javan will soon present to you the anticipated new music video by Armin 2AFM for his collaboration with Fereydoun on the song "Nisti"! The song which was released just last month has already become one of Armin's most popular tracks on RJ. It's a unique collaboration between a superstar pop artist Fereydoun and one of the most popular rappers Armin 2AFM that has not been done this way ever ...

Coming Soon Ashkan's New Song "Behesh Begoo"

June 5, 2015 40f3ad63689872f
After Ashkan's first debute album "Yek Lahze Bedoone To", Ashkan has been working to bring you yet another nudisco house track! This new song "Behesh Begoo" is another collaboration of Pouria Motabean, Hamoon Tehrani, and Ashakn himself. Stay tuned for exclusive relese of "Behesh Begoo" exclusively on Radio Javan!

"Pooch" Music Video By Siavash Ghomayshi Premiere On Monday

June 2, 2015 F485ebc55dcdd57
This Monday, Radio Javan will present to you Siavash Ghomayshi's new music video for his latest mega-hit track "Pooch"! A beautiful song written by Siavash Ghomayshi himself with beautiful lyrics by Ehsan Shoarian, "Pooch" has already been a huge fan favorite. The music video has been filmed and produced by Alec Cartio over the last few weeks.  We'll have the exclusive world premiere of "Pooch" music video on Monday, June ...

Coming Soon Arian Goleh's New Song "Mikhamet Azizam"

May 28, 2015 85763a891699d69
New artist Arian Goleh, who was introduced first on Radio Javan with the song "Dastato Migiram", now has another catchy song ready for release! "Mikhamet Azizam" features music and arrangement by the talented Arian himself with lyrics by Arian and Aamin. The new song is house-style with an addictive melody. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of Arian Goleh's upcoming song on RJ!
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