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Sohrab MJ's New Track "Abadi" Coming Soon

May 24, 2015 56c6b62d6d5cf67
We're excited to announce Sohrab MJ's upcoming new single "Abadi"! As a member of Zedbazi and as someone who many consider one of the best (if not the best) Persian rappers, Sohrab MJ has had a huge following. This will be Sohrab's first solo track since "Oon Yekio Mikhad". He last appeared on the Bozorg album on tracks such as "Poshtdast" and "Haaram" as well as the mega-hit single with Sijal "Pesare ...

Coming Soon Eddie Attar's New Club Hit "Doregard"

May 22, 2015 77f4e76a8a9616f
Eddie Attar has a brand-new upbeat dance song "Doregard" ready for release! This RJ exclusive track is a dance floor filler club hit with a catchy hook. The song features music by Eddie himself with arrangement by Ali Zia. Stay tuned for the release of Eddie Attar's "Doregard" coming Sunday on Radio Javan!

Sasy's New Song "Bad Shod" Coming Soon

May 22, 2015 Ad44def8a54b8d5
After a successful past year with many hit singles, Sasy is back with a brand-new song "Bad Shod" to be released exclusively on RJ! Most recently Sasy has released well-received songs including the upbeat "Shans" as well as the well-produced "Dige Nistam" and "Bade Man". And now with his upcoming song, Sasy is working once again with Sasan Soorani who has done the arrangement with lyrics and music by Sasy ...

World Premiere of Siavash Ghomayshi's New Song & Video "Pooch" Coming Soon

May 20, 2015 7e5c3127b759c89
Radio Javan is proud to present to you another masterpiece work by Siavash Ghomayshi! His last projects from this past year "Mohabat" and "Tehran" have already become part of the most top viewed videos on RJ. The name of the upcoming song is "Pooch" and it features music by Siavash Ghomayshi himself, lyrics by Ehsan Shoarian, and arrangement by Behrooz Lotfipour. It's a beautiful track that fans of Siavash will ...

World Premiere of Erfan's Music Video "Khodafezi" Coming Soon

May 20, 2015 098ad4cddef92f0
As Erfan's last studio album is coming up for release, he also has the music video ready for the title song "Khodafezi" of the album. Being a pioneer of Persian rap music, Erfan has from the beginning made music videos for his songs, helping to bring rap music to the screen. "Khodafezi" album will definitely be one of Erfan's biggest accomplishments and so far with the release of "Enekas" and "Khodafezi" ...

Nami Returns With His New Track "Bezan Berim Fazaa" Coming Soon

May 20, 2015 B717012b8617d56
Nami, a pioneer of Persian electronic music, is returning with an all new single that he's spent much time working on. The new song "Bezan Berim Fazaa" is a unique and ubpeat house-style track. This club hit will be released soon exclusively on Radio Javan, stay tuned!

Bardia's New Track "Gheseye Shirin" Coming Soon

May 16, 2015 7ab7fc71225a3f8
Bardia who is working on his upcoming projects, has finished his new track "Gheseye Shirin" which will be released soon by Radio Javan! It is following his recent song "Bavaret Nashe" that was one of our DJs' favourite songs in their Mixes. It is featuring lyrics by Maryam Asadi, music by Milad Baran, and has been arranged by Saeed Taj. We'll have the exclusive release soon for you on RJ, ...

Pouya's New Track & Video "Rabete" Coming Soon

May 16, 2015 265aa93d2354a3a
Pouya has finished recording his new song "Rabete" which will be released soon on RJ! It is a house style song that features Pouya's unique vocals. We'll have the exclusive release for you soon on Radio Javan next week, stay tuned!  

Sina Shabankhani Returns With New Song "Cheshmaye Mast" Coming Soon

May 16, 2015 5faeed473b2b60e
Sina Shabankhani who his mega hit song "Jadoye Khas" made him known among music lovers, has prepared another hit song "Cheshmaye Mast" set to be released on Radio Javan. This follows his recent track "Yare Jooni", and it's a house style song featuring arrangement by Hamed Baradaran, lyrics by Sina Shabankhani & Farhad Jahani, and music by Sina himslef. Stay tuned for the exclusive release of "Cheshmaye Mast" on Monday, ...

Sadegh's New Music Video "Napors" Coming Soon

May 14, 2015 7eaced0b994c618
Hiphop artist Sadegh, whose made a name of himself from his underground tracks, has finished a unique and interesting music video for his song "Napors"! The video will be presented to you soon by RJ and is from one of his hit tracks this past year. With his raspy voice and style of rhyming, Sadegh created himself a following among rap fans. The music video for "Napors" does not disappoint ...

Majid Farahbod's New Song "Raft" Coming Soon

May 14, 2015 3008c0e8d05e536
Majid Farahbod has finished recording of his new song "Raft (Acoustic Version) " featuring Soheib Arab. It's a rap/pop song that features pop lyrics and music by Ashvan, rap lyrics by Majid Farahbod himself, and arrangement by Soheib Arab. Staty tuned for the exclusive release of "Raft" on Saturday, May 16th on RJ!  

Radio Javan App Now For Apple Watch

May 13, 2015 51bc8ad34a9dc71
We're happy to announce to the Radio Javan app for the new Apple Watch! Already being the most popular Persian app (even among non-music apps), the RJ app got even better. With the brand-new update, you can use your Apple Watch to simply select MP3s or Podcasts to play from your wrist. You can play and shuffle music playlists and also see what songs are currently playing. It's a whole ...

Behzad Leito & AFX's New Single "Khordad" Coming Soon

May 13, 2015 7082c4d44c62870
Radio Javan is excited to announce Behzad Leito & AFX's upcoming new song "Khordad"! This will be the first single from Behzad's upcoming album 23 (a reference to his young age) which will be released this Fall. Behzad first released his debut album last year Khakestari, which became an instant rap album classic. It also follows his most recent single, the mega-hit "Dadim Raft Toro" which featured Sogand.  "Khordad" has guest vocals ...

Coming Soon Naser Zeynali's New Single "Harfamo Bavar Kon"

May 8, 2015 B12867b39ea032a
Naser Zeynali has finished a new song called "Harfamo Bavar Kon". It is a beatiful rhythmic music piece featuring arrangement by Hooman Azma, lyrics Ali Ariya, and music by Naser Zeynali himself. Stay tuned for exclusive release of Naser's new song on Saturday, May 9th!

TM Bax's New Album "Donya Kafi Nist" Coming Soon

May 8, 2015 50774a644269d6e
Nabilety, Shahin Loo, and Alibi. What a year these guys have been having as the members of TM Bax! "Divoone Sho", "Babak Zanjani" and "Befarma" are just a few of the singles the group has released all leading up to the album. Donya Kafi Nist is the accumulation of the work they've put in finishing the music over the last few months. The album will feature artists including AFX, Diana, ...
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