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Advertising Opportunities

Radio Javan is the leading provider of Persian music & entertainment online. Our unique music programming continues to grow our audience and ensures visitors and listeners keep coming back. Strengthen your brand by placing your ads in front of millions of monthly users visiting Radio Javan.

  • We are the fastest growing Persian site with over 30 million page views/month.
  • We are the #1 ranked Persian music website in traffic according to
  • We have a collection of over 35,000 songs and music videos.
  • Our iOS app has 900,000 active users and a majority of our users use mobile.
  • Our streaming, live radio is the leading Persian radio station.
  • We provide a unique music and programming experience every day at Radio Javan different from any other music provider.
  • We are highly trusted in the Persian music industry and maintain strong relationships with record labels and the singers.
  • We maintain high-quality, effective ad spots leading to higher attention levels, which increases the chance of your ad fulfilling its intention.
  • We offer banner spots, pre-roll videos, radio spots, mobile spots, and custom campaigns made specifically for your business.
  • We provide a place where fans can connect to artists, making it the best way to promote your events and concerts -- and also offer ticketing solutions.

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